I live and work in a round tower and everything has been going good for my family until one day I as going to the forest at the night for a walk because I had an argument with my parents and I needed fresh air.

I was just strolling through the forest until I heard something I don’t think you understand how scared I was. Then I thought to myself why am I afraid, I’m the baddest and bravest girl in town. Anyway, I hear noise again so I’m curious why is there noise, because whenever I come here it’s quiet. So I started screaming, “Hello? Who is there?”, there was no response. I screamed again and someone popped behind me and started making noise. I turned around and saw a man with a broken arm, an amputated leg, his face was filled with blood, his clothes were absolutely filthy.


I asked him if he was okay, he didn’t reply. Suddenly he starts to chase me so I ran. Then I stopped and started laughing because how can a person with an amputated leg run? I just realised that this fool is a zombie. So I picked up a long branch and whacked it at his face. He fell to the ground and I ran back home to see if my family was okay. I get to my house and I see my parents lying on the floor, piled in blood. I’m crying because a few hours ago I was fighting with my parents, and now they’re dead.


I run to the kitchen and look out the window and see a zombie apocalypse attacking my house. I’m so scared because there is only one of me and a good 20 zombies outside my house.


I then decided to go into my Dad’s room and search for weapons. I saw an AK47 gun, machine gun and a big sword. I then thought to myself that my Dad is a psycho for carrying all this rubbish around. I grabbed everything I saw.


I heard noises. I stepped out my Dad’s room and a zombie came at me, so I sliced his neck and it felt so good. I felt like a ninja at that moment. I went to the top of the round tower to see who was coming.

I then grabbed my machine gun and started shooting at all the ugly looking zombies that killed my parents. Bang bang and they were all gone.


Everything went so quiet and I heard a sound.


It was a helicopter.


I started waving my hands up in the air so they could come and get me. They saw me and flew in. They asked me if I needed a lift.


I got in and started crying, because I lost my parents. It was a very sad moment for me.