The zombies have wiped out the posh part of south Dublin. I’m in Grange Castle having a few rounds of golf with my dog. Have my other dog on look out in the castle making sure it wasn’t a false alarm and their coming to take my castle. All of a sudden I hear my look out dog barking, I run to the castle pull up my drawbridge lock the castle and go straight to the watchtower. As I am looking into my binoculars I see people coming onto the castle screaming. When they got to the drawbridge they are asking for help and saying the zombies are after them. But in most zombie films the quote is “trust nobody”. So I didn’t trust them and left them outside.


A few hours later I’m eating coddle and I can hear weird noises. I grab my binoculars look out my lookout tower and see thousands of zombies coming. The people who were trying to get in start panicking again. I wasn’t budging. I left them outside. I wasn’t letting them savages in to rob my food and take over my castle. I watched the zombies eat the savages. I enjoyed watching them eat them because I felt like I was in a movie. The zombies waited at the drawbridge for a while to see if any more people would come to the castle and more people did. They got chewed as soon as they hit the golf course.


I fell asleep for a few hours. When I wake up it is getting bright out and all the zombies are gone but I can hear people shouting. I get up and I see a friend of mine, Jack, he is with a group of people. I bring down my drawbridge, go out to him with my dogs and ask what he’s doing. He tells me he wants to be a hero and help the people whose area has been overrun by zombies. I tell him I want to help. I bring him and his team in to the castle for a bowl of coco-pops and to set up or plan on how we are going to help people.


We set off on our adventure. We set off west going towards Newcastle. On the way we start seeing signposts on the ground with distress signals on them. We follow the signs and all of a sudden we come across a small hut just outside Newcastle and we find our other old pal Jack Costigan who has been scared to death by the zombies. We take Jack to the hospital because Jack said he made a cure for people who get terrible fear from zombies. We gave Jack the cure and he is back to normal, now helping us to find more people.