It’s about to hit zombie attack hour. John and I are ready with our baseball bats, ready to bludgeon some zombies. But this time there were too many zombies. We had to take cover on a roof. We had to hop on a truck then onto the roof which was quite high up. Zombies were growling below us and one of them grabbed John’s ankle. I tried to pull him up but it was too late. The zombies pulled him down , ate him apart until he was one of them. I stood there in shock but I knew I had to carry on.

I decided I had to get out of here. I looked all around the Square for something to take me somewhere. I found a scrambler that had crashed through a hardware shop window. It  seemed to be in good condition. I raided the hardware shop and found a sledgehammer. I hopped on the scrambler and just followed the road. I ended up in I.T Tallaght, it seemed to be abandoned.

I’ve been in and out of I.T Tallaght but as I arrived this time there was a massive brute with a bunch of zombies beside it. I noticed one of them was John. I didn’t want to hurt him, even though he was a zombie. So I decided to run. I didn’t have my scrambler because it was back at the main building. I took cover in Abberley Court, where I found survivors to help me.