I’m in the hospital. There’s zombies coming tonight.


They can’t see so I feel kind of safe.


I’m in the hospital with some teammates and they’re starting to get creeped out.


It’s coming to the night and we’re all terrified – like every night I suppose.


Every night the zombies kill people. We’re afraid that it’ll be us next.


We’re safe in the hospital but when they’re walking and running by the hospital chasing people it’s scary.


To think it could be us next.


It’s just been a normal day, working and making sure everyone is safe and well but when it gets dark out, without a doubt, we all panic, hearing screams and loud noises.


We’re sitting down trying to relax, watching telly and a zombie tries to climb in the window.


Out of nowhere.


We all knew its a cold night, like every night but trying to climb in the window of the hospital?


We all panicked! Trying to make sure everyone is safe and okay.


It’s the first night that they tried breaking into the hospital.


I get Shannon to pack a bag full of first aid stuff and medication. We’re all running around hoping everything is okay.


The windows looked strong enough so they couldn’t break through them but they try and be clever enough and rush through the windows. We panicked even more.


We had to pack and get our belongings, and leave quickly before they find another way of getting in.


We all quietly run out of the ward we were in, ran through the lobby and out the back where the bins are. We can’t stay here.


We’re all having a row about where to go, until me as the leader found an alleyway. A way out. We walked through and led us near a park full of trees.


We climbed over the gate and are now sitting surrounded by trees in a safe place.