It was just a normal average day when I just came home from school…my mam said we were going out that evening. I went upstairs to start my homework. I was about halfway down when my mam shouted up the stairs “JAMIE GET DOWN HERE NOW”. At first she sounded angry so I thought I was in trouble but as I got down she seemed very anxious. She was watching the news on the television. She didn’t take her eyes off it. All I could see was a very rushed news report on a virus outbreak that has already wiped out all of Canada and is already spreading through Ireland.

My mam screamed at me to lock up the whole house. I did exactly what she said but then we remembered my nanny and how unsafe she would be by herself. We had to make a choice to either leave my nanny helpless by herself or risk our life and go save her. I didn’t want to risk it because I was too scared. We had to act fast so without thinking my momma hopped in the car and speeded down the road.

Nanny lived a good while away so I knew it would be at least a few hours until she was back. I sat lonely in my house by myself. I was so afraid, it was the longest few hours of my life not knowing if my mam would ever return. Suddenly another news flash came up on my television. It was a doctor saying that the virus is spread through touch and that drinking salt water in large amounts won’t save you but it can hold the virus from killing you for at least ten hours. He also said the only known cure so far was a heart transplant from another live healthy person. It was another few hours till I saw my mams car come back. This time she wasn’t driving as fast. She also just opened up the car door and casually strolled inside and didn’t seem concerned about the whole situation.

I unlocked all the locks and let her in the front door, as I opened it I realized she was green in the face. I was so happy for her to be alive so I went to hug her. She barely gathered the strength to scream at me to get away. She could barely talk. She said she tried to save my nanny (her mom) but it was too late and she was dead. She couldn’t help but kiss her goodbye so now she’s also infected. I remembered I saw the news saying to drink salt and water. Without even thinking I ran and poured loads of salt into the tap water and told her to drink up. Without wasting any time I knew I sprinted out of the house.

This was my worst nightmare. I had to kill an innocent healthy person to save my own mam’s life. There was also this one girl in my class that I’ve always hated so I decided to try to kill her. She only lived about a twenty minute walk away. Just before I left I remembered there was a baseball bat upstairs so I got that before I left. I ran all the way to her house. I rang the doorbell and waited. There was no answer. I rang again, no answer…