One day I was working out in the Ben Dunne gym and it seemed like a normal day until I got home and looked at the news. And I couldnt believe my eyes. zombie apocalypse, I have always wanted to kill a load of zombies so I rang up one of my mates and he said he could get his hands on a serious shotgun each for us to rip these zombies to bits.

He also said that his step dad robbed one of his mates but his said it was alright because he turned into a ZOMBIE. And what he said he robbed, me and my mate could not believe it. He said it was an ounce of Cali. So we obviously had to smoke up a bit, yeah it‘s never just a bit with me and my mate. So we got more high then we have ever gotten. We were so stoned that we even lost each other and we didnt even know ourselves where we. So we finally met up in the Lucan Village. Soon after that his dad called his phone and said that he needs to go home because its really not safe out there anymore.

I didnt really have anywhere to go because my house burned due to the apocalypse, but my friend looked back when he was walking to his house and shouted are you coming?and I obviously said yes so then we went on to evacuate the city and leave that smelly place