I’m Jack. I’m in the Ye Olde Shopping Centre, Tallaght. I’m hiding from attackers. They haven’t spotted me yet but soon they will if I don’t move from my hiding spot sooner or later.


When it was clear I made my move to hide in Ye Olde . It’s the safest area that I could go hide in, or so I thought…You see there are some attackers in the store so I tried to find a weapon and came across 3 girls who we are just going to call the 3 musketeers.


I fought off the attackers and the 4 of us escaped and push up to the club of Hellfire to meet a lovely ginger maiden named Megan. She joined our party and quest to defeat Brok Mooney and save Dublin from him and his Orcish army.  We explored the Mountains of Dublin and came across Alex, A man of ye olde memes, the best captioned pictures on flags.


He took us up to Tallaght by helping us using a map.  We went to overthrow Brok and he lost because of us.


The fight was a long horrible fight. He sent out orcs starting with normal sized ones and ranging to massive! After we defeated the hordes of orcs it was time we took on the leader, Brok. We were unprepared to fight him as we lost all of our breath and got badly injured from the terrible battle between us and the orcs. But we pulled through. His powers were strong but we were stronger using the power of friendship and teamwork…we also had stronger weapons than him


After Brok died the Orcs left and retreated back home knowing we were here and we were strong enough to beat their “almighty” leader