I am at Clondalkin where the main power is sourced. The dragons have been appearing along the East of the map, with many injuries. It’s my duty to heal the citizens.


I am on my way towards the main area where the dragons would appear, Templeogue. I see school children as I walk along the pavement, do they know what could happen to them if they cross the slimy, fire-breathing monster?


My brother! A dragon appears from pavement in front of a group of young children, including my brother.


My adrenaline kicks in and I sprint, I’m barely thinking. I grab my brother and hide behind a nearby wall. All I hear are screams but I’m frozen. I want to help but its too late. I come around from the wall, holding my brothers hand, the dragon is gone, along with the children. I feel so numb, what happened to me? I have a power and wasted it. What kind of hero am I?


I walk my confused brother home, he doesn’t understand death yet, let alone the dragons. I drop my brother home, trying to avoid my mother, I cannot take her criticism at a time like this. She questions my early arrival home, so I explain what happened. I’m ready for her disappointment, the screaming and shouting, but instead she hugged me, holding on tightly as if I lost the strength in myself to keep steady.


She looks into my eyes, glossy from tears. She tells me that if I don’t believe that I am a hero, then no one else will. She’s right. I packed my weaponry and set out to fight the main dragon.


The walk to Templeogue is peaceful, almost too peaceful. My heart is sore from guilt. My mind is jumbled up with so many thoughts, thinking of the children’s parents waiting for their arrival.


As I walk through the park I pass a woman and her newborn baby. Suddenly, the main dragon appears the slimy beast goes to attack the woman, he bites her arm, the newborn child is screaming.


This is my time to redeem myself and save everyone, as the dragon attacks the lady, I grab the newborn and hide it in the trees. I heal the woman’s wounds while stabbing the dragon, passersby are running and screaming, trying to escape to the West. The woman is healed, she runs to her baby, the dragon breathes fire onto me, just before I stab it in the heart with a poisoned sword. My burns leave me weak on the floor. All dragons have fled to the North side and all deceased are resurrected.


I heal myself whilst I am applauded by the citizens of the city.