I awoke to the jeering and shouting of the other prisoners.


I sat up on my rusted debilitated bed and staggered towards my cell door as I reached for the bars to look on the other side, it gave and I fell through the frame as they cage door swung open, knocking a prisoner on the other side over the bars of the catwalk and to his death.


He let out a bloodcurdling scream as his body hit the floor a few storeys below.


I pulled myself to my feet and saw his mangled corpse below, twisted in all sorts of grotesque ways with his bones protruding from places.


I tried to settle myself before attempting to figure out what was happening. There were riots all over the prison, complete anarchy and guards were nowhere to be seen.


I made my way around the catwalk towards the control room and took the prison off lockdown.


I knew form my time working in the prison that I could lock down certain parts of the prison and open others.


So I carved a path out for myself through the prison, taking care not to let any of those other scumbags out.


As I reached the outside and the fresh air filled my lungs, I was blinded by a white light in the far off distance.


It burned the flesh on my face and hands and my clothes caught fire. The fire was then put out as I was hurtling through the air.