When we arrived the place was daunting and heavily guarded but the (morphinle) made getting in quite easy after all, they were all human. The halls spiralled like a maze, offices full of people who acted like zombies they went through the motions of work and did nothing else they don’t even question others. I thought this in my head as we went along an echo chamber that told me what I wanted to hear, not what I needed and as we entered the back rooms that were as empty as the minds of the workers but as we went along me and my brother spoke, but not as we would’ve before not as brothers in blood, but now as brothers in army, like we didn’t even know each other our whole lives. “They are sheep; they live without thinking.” I said as we walked. “What makes you think that?” My brother asked. “What makes you think that those people want to do this, that they don’t question. “He continued getting a bit louder each word. “Calm down.” I said, “You’ll get us found out you asshat, either way they don’t fight and if they didn’t trust them anymore fight from the inside.”

He couldn’t answer, the time had come the weapon was to be used, the same one used in Tallaght, the Authority would pay, they will die just like our parents and our death will spread a message. “Alexander?” His voice coming from the silence. “This isn’t right.” My brother said his voice so quiet and soft. “We shouldn’t be like them we need to be better all those people, those men and woman don’t need to die,” his face way down, tears swelling in his eyes but all that filled my mind was rage against the Authority and I lashed out my anger and content had boiled over. “They kill people and those ‘men’ and ‘women’ if they are people perpetuate the death cause people to go missing, the death is up to the, and they chose their deaths long ago.” Spinning around as my brother recoils on the floor I set the ‘bomb’ it would release chlorine throughout the building killing us all as they did in Tallaght but as I pressed the kill switch, nothing happened, the bomb… It… It was a fake the (phromantarty) entered the secret police they knew all along they played us like a damn fiddle and we fell for it they took us they put us in front of our people, called us traitors and threw us in jail. Now we sit in a cold damp cell awaiting our deaths, the last of our family left to die to demonise our cause so I write this for someone to find to understand and to see the mistakes I made that cost our lives.