I woke up bright and early. Heads spinning after last night. Rushed downstairs as my Uncle was waiting for me to go into town because he is going to move back to America for a year and he wanted to spend the last few days with me. We both strolled around Temple Bar. After a cup of coffee we came across a vintage shop. At first I thought it was a bit sketchy but my Uncle insisted we go in.

The shop seemed a bit strange as it was like a basement, chilled music was played which made me feel quite relaxed and less nervous. The shop had everything from antiques to old jewellery.

My Uncle and I were looking around and I didn’t find anything interesting but suddenly my Uncle turned to me and gave me a box with blossoms over it. He shouted “Happy Birthday!” and handed it to me. I opened it and it was a ring. The ring was old but very beautiful as I put on the ring I look up to my Uncle to realise this isn’t an ordinary ring. I could see an x-ray of my Uncle. I immediately freaked because he was a zombie controlled by the government of America. I ran out of the shop and went for the police but when I explained it to them they thought I was crazy. This was everywhere over the news. Everywhere I went I could see zombies but they looked like normal people. I felt like I was betrayed and my Uncle was dishonest with me. I felt trapped but I had to move on and do something to save my uncle. A cure.

But why? Why bother doing something this earth is going to end sooner or later. But I did. I had to. I went to the hospital to discover a cure. I suddenly bumped into a group similar to me. They all lost a loved one.

Next morning I woke up. Everything was destroyed. Buildings were collapsed. There was no service. I suddenly heard a voice – a man. I was basically in a maze. The maze had obstacles to try and defeat a human being. It was an experiment to test how far can a person go without anything to survive, food, water, nothing, just a few weapons to defeat human-looking zombies. Every four hours there will be something to try and kill you. The maze functioned like Earth. Every four hours there will be lightning, or a volcano eruption to an avalanche or a tsunami. Animals would turn against us to try and eat us alive. Only one maze was to try and fight for your life. I was walking for two hours when I was attacked by human-like zombies. I was out-numbered but with my archery skills I was able to kill them all. I suddenly realised my Uncle was killed.