I was standing near complete and utter chaos. It was so quiet up here in these mountains with my group. Almost too quiet. I should’ve known by how calm it was that something was wrong. As society used to say, “calm before the storm”. That literally describes tonight. Zombies. Flesh eating zombies everywhere.


My group and I were having dinner just as the sun was going down when we heard noises. In the distance. Twigs snapping, rustling leaves but most disturbing of all was the growls. We knew straight away what was coming, but we didn’t know how many there was out here. We quickly gather all our supplies like we practiced many times before and glance out the second floor window of the stone building we were sat in. We weren’t too crowded on the one floor, there was only twenty of us. We were strong together and ready for anything. Not this time… As when I looked out at the trees, there were hundreds of zombies. Too many to count, coming from all directions. We were running low on ammo, so fighting our way out was not an option. Luckily we  already planned an escape months ago. The tunnel.


We dug an underground tunnel on the bottom floor of the building a while back in case of an emergency such as this one. The tunnel only goes into the forest but because they were attracted to our light they were coming towards us. Everyone ran down the stone steps, following my lead, but turns out some zombies were faster than the others and managed to get inside.


One zombie attacked from the side. It sank its teeth into Laura, a young woman in our group. Jared decapitated the zombie and stabbed Laura in the head. Harsh, but as a group we agreed if someone gets bitten, they’re to be put down straight away. It’s better than turning in to one of these monsters. She will be mourned once we’ve settled.


We find the tunnel and start to crawl through it. It was dirty and smelled of damp and mould but no one cared. We’re crawling for what seemed to be hours, but in reality it would’ve been about twenty minutes, before we emerge in the forest. Luckily, there are no zombies to be seen. I look back and only five more people emerge. Jared, James, Hannah, Isabelle and Colin. We wait but no one comes.


No one has even dared spoken a word. James goes to say something but he is soon stopped when we hear the screams. The screams of our friends, our family. I am about to jump in when Annie, a thirteen year old girl pops out. “The Tunnel” she says as she gasps for air, “it’s collapsed in on itself!”


We turn to look at one another, sadness clear in each of our eyes. All the adults were gone now. We’re all under the age of nineteen, now alone. Thirteen people perished. Jared, the oldest at eighteen speaks up. “We need to keep moving”. It didn’t sound like he meant it. No one moved for a while until Annie, the youngest who just lost her mother starts walking towards the road.


We shortly follow after her. The silence is almost deafening, as we walk together. No words are spoken as no one needs to hear them. Shock isn’t even the word to describe what had just happened.


Suddenly Annie starts twitching, soon falling to the ground unconscious. We run to surround her, which was the biggest mistake of our lives. She opens her now bloodshot eyes and bites Colin’s leg. He screams in agony and pulls his leg free. She then bites Isabell and quickly throws herself on Jared, who sticks a knife straight into her skull, but getting bit in the arm in the process.


James, Hannah and I are the only ones unbitten. Uninfected. Colin turns tail and runs, too afraid to face his fate. Isabelle takes her knife and stabs herself in the head. I scream. James quickly covers my mouth so as not to attract any more zombies.


I drop to my knees beside my good friend. Jared turns to James and hands him a knife. “Kill me” he breathes. I let my tears stop and glance over at my sister Hannah who is in the same state of shock, distraught. James speaks no words and takes the knife, shaking his head, not allowing tears to fall. I turn my head and cover my ears. I couldn’t bear to hear or see the loss of another loved one. James helps Hannah and I up. We proceed to walk for hours until we find an old long-abandoned car park.


It took a while of checking cars, but eventually find one with enough petrol to get somewhere far away from here. We get in the car and drive until we find a lake. We take each other’s hands, nod. We try to accelerate the car into the lake but the car somehow doesn’t move. Someone wants us alive. We were meant to survive.


We get out of the car and walk.