One day I went to The Square and there was only a few other people there getting supplies and some young one started going mad running in the door me and my mates didn’t think anything of it so we laughed at her then she ran into a old woman and bit her arm so she turned into a zombie we got scared at that point so we ran out of the cinema and to the Luas and as we where running there were more so we decided to run to are school and stayed there since it was big and it was the weekend and no one was there I called my mam and told her what happened and her and my dad came to the school as well and told us everyone in Kingswood was acting weird.

We decided to stay there for a while until things went back to normal and if they would. We hadn’t seen any more of them since we were at the luas it was about a month and no one had gone back to school so something was definitely wrong so one day I was on my phone about to make a tik tok and there was someone behind me I thought it was just a filter but I checked my phone and I was shocked nothing was there so I continued to make it I seen it again but even closer so I turned around again nothing there. I looked at my phone and there was a zombie just staring at me so I screamed and I woke up.

Thought it was all a dream until I heard banging on the door it was 3 in the morning so I went down and looked out the window and there was blood and bodies everywhere so then I thought oh my god this is real and I check my mam and dads room and they weren’t there.

So I got in the car and drove to the school since it looked pretty safe in my dream no one was there except my friends and my family and some other people I have no clue of I went over to my family and they looked like they had seen a zombie in the school after I walked in they ran over and all hugged me in relief and told me they haven’t seen me in months.

I was very confused and they said we have been safe here I was like ok and they showed my all the secret tunnels to get food and other stuff we were at the door and we seen so many zombies and out of nowhere my hands dwelt went and were dripping with water and I got really really angry so I but my hands up and I made a big wall of water and I don’t know how that worked so I tried it again but it didn’t work instead they all collapsed from the water.