Tick tock. We’re running out of time, I have to think fast. I looked out of the Tallaght Hospital window, white specks filling the azure background outside. Grace was already loading our patients and warriors onto steam-powered ambulances to get them somewhere safe. We had to move fast before the blizzard piles up. Grace was heading to the Round Tower, Gavin was collecting some patients back to base and Grange Castle, and me, well I don’t know. I run around the wards organising everyone but myself. A ripped piece of manuscript falls out of a patient’s pyjama pocket. The Clankland map. Saggart! Of course! There’s a school there where we can take shelter. 


Just as we were finished loading up a treacherous boom shakes the foundation of the hospital. Another portal, another reason to get away- fast. Gavin turns to us and says he’ll fight the monster, Polyphemus, to let us get away. Reluctant, yet relieved, I start up the engine and head to Saggart, following the broken Luas line. Just as we pass the last stop- BOOM! Here we go again. This time it was a nine-headed hydra. One of my lieutenants jumps out of the back of the ambulance and ushers me on. He is an expert at Greek mythology, he knows how to kill the beast. 


At last we make it to the school but I can’t stay. I have to save the people of Clankland and there’s only one way to do it. I pack a small leather satchel and, of course, my trusted crutches. I call on Hermes, God of Travel, and Arachne, the Magical Spider, to give me the super speed of an arachnid. Thanks be to Gods my feet start moving, running beneath me, dragging along my fatigued body. I didn’t have to tell my feet where to run, they just knew. Off to the Hellfire Club I scurried. 


Everything is going well which is strange so, I stay weary of everything. Of course something comes along, the Frozen Dodder. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell if the ice was thick because if it wasn’t, I’d fall through and suffer an icy fate. I didn’t have time to debate. My instinct just told me to run across. Everyone in Clankland is depending on me, but I make it across safely- or so I thought. No one is safe until Mederis dies. I hike up to the Hellfire Club doors and I see her. I’m blinded by beams of crimson light that surrounds her. She looks across the room and out the window right at me. I duck but it’s too late. She lets out a monstrous cackle and commands the heavy door to open. My body begins to move. I fight to try to stop it but it’s no use. 


I stand face-to-face with the wicked murderer that is Mederis. I use my crutch to balance myself and I wait for my chance to strike. Mederis starts talking in latin, beams of different colour light engulfing the surroundings. She has an evil, blood-thirsty look on her face. She begins to turn around and that’s when I activate the crutch. The celestial bronze blade glimmered as it shot out of the grey pole. I went to attack but I had been outsmarted. Mederis threw her arms towards me and I was thrown against a brown cupboard. 


I was in a daze but then I smelt something. I looked around and on the top shelf of the cupboard was a vial of Elyseum. This was the only thing that could make me stronger than Mederis but for a demi-god like me, it was fatal. But Clankland was in trouble. I knew what I had to do. I shakily grabbed the glass bottle and chugged as much Elyseum as I could. I felt it burn all the way down my oesophagus. The room was filled with Mederis’ screams as I shouted a spell in latin. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew it was working. Poof! Mederis melted into a pile of red goop. Dawn was restored and the snow stopped falling. 


Even though I wasn’t saved, Clankland was and that was all that mattered.