I was watching over the sheep grazing in Dublin mountains when I saw it.

There was talk of an apocalyptic catastrophe for many centuries now, prophesied by the Mages. I felt something.  I looked at the shoulder of my Timberland jacket only to see one snowflake resting atop it melting. I looked around and saw my sheep slowly but surely halting their gluttonous feasting on grass.

I knew what this meant. A deep feeling of doom rose from within me.

This was the beginning of the end, wasn’t it, I asked myself. The end was nigh and I was the first to know. I couldn’t’ have imagined the damage this snow would cause. The ice would seep into our steam-powered systems like a venomous poison, cracking the cogs within the engines, smashing them to a million smithereens, scattering them to such an extent that repairing them would be mere fantasy.

I knew this. I knew that I had to inform the mages. The mages in Clankland were the authoritative power within the city. They also happened to be the enemies of non-magic wielding farmers like us. The mages had banished us many years ago to the outer confines of Clankland to live out our days in isolation, believing we were weaker.

I looked up, expecting dark grey clouds but there were none. Just the streaks of steel bird engines ran across the deep blue sky.

Something was horribly wrong in Clankland. However, this wasn’t about the mages or the farmers. This was about Clankland.

I took the roads that were laid before the banishment as a route back to the Round Tower. This way I could avoid unwanted attention. I made my way to the Round Tower where the mages were holding their meeting. Mage Alysonius’s death had caused uproar in Clankland. The general consensus was that mage Michelline had murdered mage Alysonius in a fit of anger. The tower was very grandiose in its splendor. The tip of the tower was said to touch the heavens. It sure as hell looked like it too.

The evidence was there for me to see. It was clear that Rue was the mastermind behind this elaborate plan. She was the one that sent Mage Michellina to murder Alysonius. She herself killed mage Michellina and mage Alex. She knew that now she was the sole heir of Clankland. In effect she was beyond the law as she was the law. Clankland was in dire straits. Clankland was a ship in the middle of a rough night at sea and I was the captain responsible for getting this ship to bay with a broken helm.

Even my friends that I made in my stay at the tower wouldn’t believe me. They were of the chosen, of course. I knew if they found out I was going to kill mage Rue, I wouldn’t leave this tower alive.

While I was contemplating I heard mage Rue entering the room. I used a cloak to cover myself. Behind the large cauldron she used to summon steel birds and monsters. I knew this was now or never. I took off my cloak and crept silently behind her every step, feeling like a ton bashing against the hard stone cold floor. I wrapped the cloak around mage Ru, suffocating her. The life draining out of her eyes in the same way she drained the life out of Clankland all those years.

Right as she fell I heard a shriek behind me. It was Marthana, one of the few friends that I had made in my time here.

I rushed over to explain why I was doing what I was doing, but she kept yelling. I knew that if she kept yelling the guards would come and Clankland would never know the truth, Ru would become a martyr, the truth would die with me and further division would ensue.

I rushed into action, choking her, trying to knock her out in the hope that I could explain it to her later, she fell to the ground as expected, her body lay lifeless at my feet. I knew what I had done. It dawned on me that I had killed her. Her face turning pale with every passing moment. I had just killed an innocent.

I took the knife out of my pocket and laid it on the floor. I sat down next to the knife when I saw an empty book on the shelf next to the cauldron.

I was going to kill myself but not before I told my story. I took a quill pen out of the inkwell and started.

I was watching over my sheep.