I sprint fast through the snow covered hills, the thumping of the strange creature heard clearly behind me. I lose focus for a second and trip over a rock. I try to scramble to my feet but the ice cold snow has submerged my hands, turning them numb. The bull-like creature with the body of a human slowly creeps closer to me. ‘This is it’ I thought to myself, ‘this is how I die’. The monster continues to creep closer and I get my hands out of the snow and use them to shield my face. Suddenly, a loud groan was heard from above my head followed by quick gasps, almost like someone was choking.

I look up at my tingling hands and see white, web-like strings coming from the palms of my hands. Confused, I gasp and look up to see the strings wrapped tightly around the monster’s neck. I quickly stand up and close my hands into a fist which somehow makes it look like the webs around the monster’s neck are getting tighter. The web releases from my palms and the monster falls in a heap on the floor. I breathe heavily and I turn around and run. In the distance, I see the Round Tower. I run quickly and run into the tower. I take up two steps at a time. I run into the first room and see a girl, who looks around my age, crouched down in the corner of the room with her head in her hands and a small fire in the middle, burning something. I softly walk towards her and kneel down in front of her.

I tap her shoulder and she jumps in panic and looks at me afraid before realization clouds her expression. “Megan?” I question, confused. She places a hand over her heart and tries to get her breathing under control, “Thank God it’s you, Anifat!”. I look around the thrashed room, “What happened here?” I ask her. “Well this might sound really dumb but I was attacked by some creature and it followed me in here and I somehow set it on fire with my eyes”. She sits, waiting for me to respond before a loud bang is heard at the door. I look up and see a herd of big tall creatures with rows of sharp teeth that look ready to kill. 

I imagine that the creatures attack Megan and hurt her badly but I kill them with my powers. I hear more coming and want to stay with Megan but she tells me to go without her. So, I do and Mederis finds me on my way to go seek help. I try to fight her off but my powers are weakened by her before the others come along and help. Then, strength is driven back inside me. We all work together but in different ways and I use my powers to strangle her and the others help finish her off.