Rumour has it that tonight is going to be worse than the outbreak, millions of zombies have been seen on the horizon and according to my scouts we’re on the border of life and death.


Having a camp in an Institute of Technology comes with its pros and cons. We have weapons to fight with but if we can’t keep the electricity going it will make it harder to see them coming.


I’ve taken it on myself to find any wandering survivors to warn them and offer them somewhere to stay, the more help we get the bigger the chance of survival. So even if it is another false alarm we’ll still have some help around the base. And who knows, maybe the un-cooperative ones might have some supplies that they won’t miss. I keep my knives and guns on me but try to look non-threatening, I don’t want to scare off any future recruits. “We’re not and army, just a gang of people who want to survive” is what I’ve told people after the heads up and offering them a place to stay. Most are interested in the offer. Some aren’t but they’re still willing to trade.


The horde of zombies will be here by nightfall (considering this isn’t another one of Kevin’s pranks). So we get to work re-fortifying the place. Spike traps here, electricity wires and water there, heck we even make a couple more guns for the roof.


If the zombies come we’ll be ready. I spend the rest of the day doing safety checks and rallying the survivors. Our camp seems like the safest place for miles, we have our homemade weapons (crossbow type of guns) an entire camp filled with people willing to fight, and enough supplies to last our whole group for this horde (I’m also keeping an eye on Kevin. If this is a joke I’m kicking him out. For longer than an hour this time!)


The sun has begun to set and the night will come soon. I can see something in the distance (it seems like Kevin wil live…for now). A huge horde of zombies. It doesn’t seem like millions but it’s at least a couple of hundred, maybe less. The zombies were approaching the gates now, I give the signal to start shooting with clear instructions to not waste any bullets, either hit one or don’t shoot.


Zombies were dropping left and right but some had managed to get through the gate and were approaching the doors. I called the guys shooting from the windows and told them to go to the roof, if they did get in at least some might survive. It seemed like this could go either way and then I heard it…


The bell ringing for the end of class. No more creative writing for me.