I fear for me and Miche. Alysonious is getting old and I don’t think that either one of us can take the reins. Every night when I’m on watch looking out the tower window I feel the cold coming. The light from distant lands like Cork and Belfast are dimming. I got word from a fellow mage in London that a great Ice Age is on the way. I haven’t heard from him since even though his owl arrived without any news yesterday. Alysonious is on the search for an apprentice but I fear that those who want it will only abuse it and bring harm to us and others. Not many have mage blood in this day and age and it is hard to find those really looking to help others by learning our ways.

It is two days after my last entry. Because Alyonious and Miche are busy I have to go outside the tower walls and i don’t think I’m ready. I haven’t got enough time to prep but Alysonious needs medicine that we don’t have.

I’ve been out for a couple of hours now and it’s getting dark…and cold. I hear shouting ahead and I need to keep a low profile, I’m not in the mood for a fight or any kind of unwelcome attention. The shouting nears and I reach for my sword on my back, I turn the corner of an old building. As I peek my head around I smell smoke, I am blasted with warmth and my eyes adjust to bright light. I still hear shouting but as I stand there my brain processes the shouthing, it’s not just mumbled noises but shouts of joy. “It’s dead!” “It’s what it deserved!”

Figures are dancing around a large bonfire, the sell of it is horrible, like burning rubber. I try to look at what is on fire but my thought is interrupted by a slap on the back. My body ripple and I let out a gasp. My gasp is quickly followed by a kind voice,

“Look in awe, my friend”

A man comes into my vision. He has a rough but gentle face, I can see that he has lived through hardship but his eyes and smile radiates honesty. He tells me how they are a group of survivors who have set up camp in an old office building. He ushers me over to the fire and explains how they killed one of the “treacherous beasts”. I look closer into the embers of the fire and see teeth among the ashes. I look away in pain as smoke hits my eyes.

The man introduces himself as Declan. Declan introduces me to his group of assorted characters. One Of the people sparked my interest as Declan called him “Doc”. I remembered about my task of receiving medicine. After the brief introduction Declan took me aside and asked me why I’m all alone. I trusted him so I brought him up to speed on who I was and what I needed. He was shocked at first and shook my hand.

“Never knew mages were still alive, we’re happy to help”

He brought me over to Doc and told Doc that I needed medicine to help. Doc’s face lit up,

“So you’re an actual mage? Like a Round Tower mage?”

I was embarrassed but said yes. He went inside the building and jogged back out carrying a medicinal bag. He put it on the ground and rustle through it. He pulled out a dirty bottle with various tablets in side. He handed it to me and told me that it should help with general health problems. I was sad to leave Declan and his group. I got a real sense of community in their presence.

My mind was like a metal object being pulled towards the dead beast. I had heard of these creatures from travelling knights but my eyes had never gotten the pleasure of seeing the disgusting creatures in the flesh, is was imprinted on my mind. The cremated skull was on the ground at my feet. It had a nasty aura.



I write in my diary today with great devastation and shame. It has been three days since I left the group of survivors. I had returned to the tower hopeful and with determinations. Excited to see my companions, I open the door and enter. I go up the stairs with a skip in my step and call for Alysonius, no answer. I call for Miche…

I hear footsteps and fumbling from above me. I am flooded with a feeling of dread and fear. Thoughts fly around my mind. Where is Alysonius? Where is Miche? Who is upstairs?

I pull out my truth sword and push the door open. My eyes fill with tears as I see Miche over Alysonius’s bed. Alysonius’s body is crumpled, and in an unnatural way. His eyes are rolled into his head. I’m filled with too many emotions and I lunge at Miche, my sword plunges through his chest.