The lights flicker on as I see 20 rebels strapped up against chairs. They have been imprisoned after a failed rebellion in Saggart. I can clearly remember the fight in its entirety.

I was in the base which I had helped build for many years. I would crawl through our secret entrances and exits and shoot all the rebels who were trying to sneak in. I can remember the guts of one rebel landing on my face. The smell of it was like horse shit on your local farm and now it is my job to execute these rebels for not following our authority.  

There I was shooting leaders, generals and even little soldiers. Then all of a sudden the mask gets taken off another soldier and I recognise the face. I couldn’t shoot. It is my cousin, Alan. Why is he here? He is not a bad guy. I refused to pull the trigger. My family have been dead for over 10 years now I couldn’t lose another member. The General became angry.  He screamed right in my face. He turned away from me and flipped the table loaded with sheets of paper and came back to me, took the gun right out of my hands and shot Alan right through the chest. My last family member, gone.

I didn’t know what to think. When marching back to Saggart I couldn’t believe what I had seen. Dogs, cats and even little children laying on the ground, dead. I had done this. Why am I doing this? My mind just stopped and then I realised. The Authority are wrong, their beliefs, culture all wrong. I’m wrong. I dropped my gun and ran South.

I was running for hours, sprinting by the decimation of the towns I used to go to with my family. All the beauty of our beloved country had been destroyed. I couldn’t be with The Authority any longer. I had to break into old supermarkets to find some food. While coming out of the destroyed supermarket I hear a whistle and then feel something enter the side of my leg, like a needle. It was a dart.

Everything goes blurry and my eyes open. Now it’s me, strapped to that chair, with rebels pointing guns at me. I could see the revenge in their eyes. They were in terrible condition, their faces were covered with dirt and mud and had cuts and bruises all over their arms and legs. They took off my mask and spat right on the side of my nose.

I say I’m Alan’s cousin and they drop their shoulders. He was their General! They’re asking me questions but are interrupted by a loud siren. The Authority are attacking. I try to ask for trust but they refuse to give it. They want to kill me, but I tell them “you need me, I have knowledge that you don’t”. I see all the rebels dying through the hole exploded in the wall. At that moment, I realised they need to know their tactics and I look them right in the eye and say


“They have 10 snipers always on high ground, the infantry always go left.”

They rubbish my voice until they begin losing too many men. They are stuck to believe me and trust what I said. All of a sudden,the fight flips on its head, The Authority have no counter. I’ve wiggled my way out of the chair. I go out the big hole exploded a few minutes before. I pick up a gun and start killing who I used to call my fellow comrades.

The fight has ended, the rebels have prevailed. The Resistance gain trust from me and I give them more tactics to defeat The Authority. The Authority haven’t found out what hit them. We’ve captured Rathcoole and Newcastle and are heading towards The Authority’s capital in Clondalkin.

The rebels gained my respect and make me General, in this what could be the last fight. Isn’t that strange? Following in my cousin’s footsteps. I may not have been able to save him, but I will do everything I can to save his people.We have one bomb and have to get it in their headquarters and deactivate it. I’m carrying the bomb. We begin the fight. Blood is flying through the air and us rebels power through The Authority.

I’m looking around, finding out their strategies, where their soldiers are and then I see a secret entrance I built almost 8 years ago. It hadn’t been used in years, it could collapse and suffocate me but I had to go for it. I manage to crawl through the entrance, unharmed.

I’m watching from behind enemy lines and am proud to see the soldiers following my tactics and dying for what they believe in.  It was my turn to do the same.

I shoot one officer with my gun before three more came out. I hide behind a fallen corpse before quickly turning and popping each officer in the head, one after the other. I enter the main room and find my old General pointing at me.

“Why?” questioned the General.

“You are wrong, General. You always have been wrong.” I drop my gun and one second while he is off-guard I fling my knife and it lands right in his nose. I drop the bomb on the ground and close my eyes.

“This is for my family, my cousin, and all of his people.”

A tear drops from my chin and I press the button.