The Institute of Technology is nowhere near safe. We are on the border of where the portals appear. I’m not looking for shelter, I was raised in Templeogue where all the beasts appeared. I lost everyone on my journey to the Institute. I was a scholar forced to join the ranks.  I lay in the Institute putting my mind into every book from every traveller who has wandered into the portals. My journey is to learn about these strange startling events and to find a way to stop them. As the blizzard crept closer, my brothers in arms and I watched as each day the river moved slower as it freezes over.

The guards of the Institute are struggling to keep the border safe. More and more dark beasts creep closer to the Institute every passing day. We are being told to leave the books behind but I know I am close to an answer. Soon I will be able to push the blizzard back and fight the monsters. I never knew how wrong I could be until a portal opened up at the gates of the Institute. I was alone in the library,  behind the lines of soldiers who fight to defend us.The beast passed unnoticed, and when the soldiers heard my screams, they were too late. As I scrambled back to find a weapon, a broad, fiery beast crept forward, cornering me as I clutch the wall for anything that could protect me. But all it told me, with its deep resonant voice was “this is not your story, noble Knight, the story must go on”

It turned back into the wispy black portal before looking back at me.

“Assist the elder mage with her quest” the monster said.

To have the beast that terrorised us give me a quest, filled me with disbelief.  I decided to simply turn around to the Round Tower in search of the mages to inform them of this unusual mission. As I crossed through Clondalkin, the woman in charge of the hospital stopped me in my path.

“Dear knight, the hospital does not have enough suppliers to help those in need, please my good sir, go on a voyage to the West of the land to receive the supplies needed”. I could not waste such time by going through the barren land of ice, but a flaw I had is that I can never say no to a person in need. I took a list of supplies and hurried off to the Round Tower.

As I reached the tower of mages, I was greeted by a frail old mage, the elder mage. I could feel the power resonating off of him, but he was weakened. He told em to head to Newcastle, where the successor is waiting. I headed towards the metal ship of land that would ride on the steel tracks towards the borders of our country. It was a short trip towards Newcastle, but as I came closer to the entrances I was stopped by the guards.

“It is not safe” they simply stated.

I did not have the time for this, I turned my back and walked out of sight, to the side, following the long stretch of soldiers until I saw the crack in the defence. I worked alongside soldiers for years, I knew how to get things unnoticed.


It did not take long for me to find a boy, no older than fifteen, pulling a cart of medication behind him. I felt a strange presence fall over me and I realised that this was the successor.

He had all the supplies that were needed in the the hospital. I helped him pull this cart as we crossed into my land, avoiding the soldiers. I explained my quest as we headed towards the hospital, but just as I reached the end, i saw the woman in charge of the hospital.

“Thank you dear knight, but I’m afraid one item does not belong here” said the woman.

She pulled out a long dagger and swiped at the successor.

A large flash of light erupted, drowning us all in its warmth.

One second passed before I could see,the woman lay on the ground, her body dissolving to ash, as the successor stood with a palm facing away from him, pointed at the pile of ash.

“I knew I had a purpose” said the successor.