It was a dull, dead, dreary day in Clankland. I started my usual shift at the cold, quiet hospital. I visited my top priority patient Breda. Breda had been in a state of shock for two months after claiming she had been attacked by an other worldly being, but it looked vaguely similar to her son Jacob who had joined the mages a year ago.

Breda couldn’t move with the shock and was forced to stay in bed for 5/7 days. She developed roaring red, oozing pressure sores on the back of her body which I had to treat. As I was packing the dressing into the pressure sores, I scraped my hand which was unusual as it never happened before. I reached in again and quickly realised I was grabbing her spine. Breda let out a deep grunt of discomfort. I stepped back as Breda grew enormous and her structures changed to those of a monster. I stumbled out the door in horror and stomped down the corridor to the fire exit. I sprinted towards my car and leaped in. I drove faster than light to the garda station, only to discover more of these monsters devouring people left, right, and centre. 


My heart dropped like a stone in the ocean. My heart was racing faster than a formula 1 race car. Just as I was about to faint, there was a bump on the car. I felt as though I was being lifted into the air. I looked out of my window to see a ginormous, scaly, rough creature with rage painted across every line of its face, holding the car above its wicked head. In the moment of panic, I began ripping the seatbelt out of the wall of the car. I tied the seatbelt around the steering wheel and threw it out of the now cracked door. My hands gripped the seatbelt as I descended above the gravel. I let go of my grip as the fall was not that big.

The demonic being stomped heavily and quickly after me as I sprinted from the hellish scene. As I mad it up the gunny hill to the top, I was entranced by the beautiful appearance of a purple glowing portal. I snapped out of the trance when a hoard of monsters poured out like flies. My eyes darted to my left as a large figure with a menacing face stared down at my weak, helpless body like a piece of meat. It was Breda! She swung her giant tail towards me with a loud growl.

In my bowels, I felt a sharp pain, a sensation I could feel through all of my organs, as if all my blood was leaving my body like a tap. I felt a pain in my shoulder and a hard tug. Breda has began tearing my arm off like a drumstick. I was frozen in a state of fear. Breda’s glowing red eyes were locked on my weak, vulnerable, wet face. My legs trembled while I watched as Breda slammed her sharp growth-covered toes into the broken, gritty ground. My lips quivered and the taste of salt hit my tastebuds while I uttered the words “Please, Breda. Please don’t kill me. If you can hear me, please stop!”. I pleaded with Breda until I covered my wet, red, cold face with my shaking hands to protect myself from the hard, solid, sharp fist incoming like a wrecking ball.

I opened two fingers to see why a force hadn’t wiped my brains out of existence. Breda wasn’t there, her beastly, broad, scaly figure wasn’t stomping the ground. It was quiet and peaceful again. I took a deep breath of relief and my eyelids closed in ease. I looked up the the sky and my heart stopped beating when I saw an even bigger portal glowing with every colour I’d ever seen. All the monsters were surrounding the portal and floating towards it in an unconscious state. My eyes couldn’t look away from this frightening yet beautiful scene. My feet started to move towards the site, as if someone else had control over my body.

I snapped out of my trance but I was facing ultimate annihilation. Monsters crowded in waves above me, like vultures circling for leftover carcass. There was a loud pitched frequency. I clutched my ears in pain and squeezed my eyes shut tight. When I opened my eyes, hoards of monsters were launching towards me, as if I was the only one left that needed to be picked off. Thundering footsteps came from behind. It was a hoard of monsters running towards me. The leading monster leaped at me but was frozen in an orange haze. A girl called out from behind me. She said “Hey you! I’m the only chance you have of surviving this, so come with me!”. She had orange pulses from her wrists to the beats, holding them in place.

I took off running towards my saviour. She ran with me until we were far away from the doomsday portal. She said “My name is 7368 or, as I prefer to be called, Summer Flares. I was raised in a lab where they performed experiments on me and my friends. I escaped when I saw what was happening. I knew I was special and I could help. But the people who took me thought otherwise. I froze them like I did those monsters because I have abilities from my birth father’s side of the family. Before he was killed, he warned me that there were others like me who would fly under the radar and would be safe but I was too powerful to hide them. I can’t fight all of them alone, so we need to find the rest of them who are still alive”.

We kept walking and evading death by claws. Everywhere we looked, there was blood and and bodies. Bodies of children, parents, grandparents, pets. This needed to stop. The sun set into a cold, dark, lonely, tense night. We set up camp in an abandoned, half torn down bungalow. It sounded like hundreds of thousands of bears climbing around the building. Suddenly, heaps of monsters burst through the walls and poured in. But this time, I didn’t freeze in fear. This time, I felt strong, powerful, and brave, as if meeting Summer ignited some sort of power in me.

As the monsters got closer, my fingers glowed blue. A bright blue light zapped out of my hands and into the monsters. Within seconds, they were turned to ashes. Summer and I knew who flew under the radar. We decided to close where these beasts came from to stop them, so we used our powers to shut the portal for good.

I was now strong and had a reason to stay in my now destroyed city. And Summer and I kickstarted the rebuilding of the city and lived in peace.