A new apocalyptic day in the zombie apocalypse starts with Matthew in the Square in Tesco, which has been barricaded completely to protect them from the zombies and the scavengers. Along with Matthew, there are five other people. They had all been getting on great for the past five months, with no need to leave the safety of Tesco with its high supply of food and water. But now, their water supply has become dangerously low. Everyone knows that someone will have to set out to find water for the group. No one is quick to volunteer as they have not been outside since the first day of the outbreak and have no idea what to expect. 


A week goes by and the water supply is completely gone. Someone needs to step up to go find water immediately. Then, Matthew volunteers. He sets out a plan to open the shutters of Tesco, just enough so he would be able to fit through. He then planned to sprint as fast as he could but as quietly as he could to Dunnes Stores so that he would alert as few zombies and scavengers as possible. The only problem was that the shutters of Dunnes were closed and he only had a flimsy wire cutter, which would make a lot of noise. It is then that a man named Johnny volunteers to help Matthew. While Matthew refuses to let him, Johnny insisted and had already gotten the trolley ready to carry the water. Eventually, Matthew agreed.

They were wished good luck and began to open the doors of Tesco. The smell of death hit them like a truck and they began to gag from the stench. All over the ground there were dead, rotten bodies. Matthew and Johnny covered their noses and began to sprint with the trolley and wire cutters. They could hear the blood curdling screeches of the zombies in the distance from the opposite side of the Square. Just as they were about to arrive at Dunnes, a zombie turned the corner and ran full speed at them. Johnny panicked and ran while Matthew pushed the trolley at the zombie. Matthew then saw a dead woman on the ground with a butcher knife in her hand. He picked it up and charged at the zombie with it. He swung the knife at it’s head and dodged the zombie, but the knife got stuck in the zombie’s head and didn’t kill it. The zombie turned around and for a moment, it did not move. Instead, in a croaky, satanic voice, it begged for mercy. Matthew stood in shock and terror. He thought how it seemed almost human again. Then Johnny came up behind it with a large piece of concrete from the damaged walls and cracked the zombie over the head. It fell to the ground and he continued to hit it with the concrete till it showed no signs of life.

Johnny started to run towards Dunnes, leaving Matthew once again who was still shaking. Matthew eventually snapped out of it, grabbed the trolley and ran to Johnny who had already started cutting the metal shutters of Dunnes. He cut a hole big enough for them and the trolley to enter but as they tried bringing the trolley in, it made the loudest clinking sounds. They could hear footsteps of zombies running to them in the distance. They started to panic while trying to shove the trolley in. Johnny shouted “Leave it!”. The approaching footsteps got louder. Then, they both agree to leave the trolley and get in themselves.

Johnny sprints to the food even though there are over 20 zombies approaching fast. Matthew panics and scrambles to make a hole over the (barricade?). He drags a line of ten trolleys that were all attached and shoves them against the hole. Johnny realises that Matthew needs help badly so he goes over. Matthew is extremely annoyed at Johnny but doesn’t have a go at him. He uses this rage and adrenaline to move heavy objects to barricade the door. The zombies are now outside. They end up not being intelligent enough to notice the weakened spot in the metal shutter, so they all just pile against the strong walls, making no difference.


“How are we going to get out of here?” Matthew asks. “We’re not”, says Johnny. Matthew replies “Whatchu mean we’re not?”. Johnny tells him to look around, that they have all of the supplies in the world and it could last them years. Matthew is baffled. He tells Johnny that he knew he was selfish but this is too far. Johnny gets aggressive and says “Look outside. We will never survive”. Matthews says “We have to. There is a pregnant woman”. Johnny swings at Matthew and Matthew tackles him. Then, they heard a screech. Not from outside the shop but from inside, near them. They look to the end of the aisle to see a zombie running full speed at them. Matthew shoves Johnny at the zombie. Johnny begins to run but stumbles and is tackled by the zombie. He gets bitten on the neck. As the zombie feasts of Johnny, Matthew runs towards the cooking section and gets a large knife and pan. He tries to hide from the zombie but realises that there are now two. Matthew looks around the corner and Johnny is with the zombie. Matthew can see he has turned but is muttering “Die Matthew, die”.