My G Ben was there when I shot the place down and to be honest it was a trick shot. Dude perfect. I never knew Ben before this happened and he never really talks about where he is from, where his parents are, or better yet, what the fuck is his second name. Oh shit totally forgot, back into the action we go! General Kenny Ming Duffy walked out of the rumble with six army soldiers looking like total spas. The General was a short man with a beard and a high pitch voice, he was so short he used a ladder to get in his car.

Ben and I walked back to the castle he was kind of nervous but I shrugged it off and kept on walking with my double cheese bacon burger (Slowly and Dramatically) oh it was so god damn good fam, totally recommended, sponser I’m lovin’ it. When we arrived Ben went straight to bed and to be honest I was not having it our plan was to chill and play cards, but not anymore. Man was curious so I spied on him before he went to bed, he put a letter under his pillow of course man fleeced it because like I said mans curious, I opened the letter, it reads; ‘Thank you for the information that you gave about the bombing, you will receive your reward in two days, love you son, regards your dad, Kenny Ming Duffy.’

This little (******* son of a **** his dad is a *** **looking ass) is snitching on me, ohhhhh that’s why he didn’t eat, I said in in my head I’m going to catch you. I waited until he woke up and got ready so we could check the mill for supplies, I let him walk in front of me then put a glock on his as and said ‘What’s this’ he turned around and said ‘sorry’ straight away like he knew I found out.

I told him to go on his knee and beg until I built up the confidence, thump, a body falls to the ground.