The year is 2030, January 21st and the time is 6:00pm. Im on my way home from work. Its starting to get dark and I start to notice people are running around, panicking and rushing into shops. There was a shop with tvs in the window and it had the news channel on. The reporter was warning everyone about an upcoming zombie apocalypse. They didnt say how this happened or started. I rushed home and started to board up my windows and move all my food and items into my basement which is very secure. One hour passed and I was starting to worry about running out on food and how I am going to get food. I would need to go to the shopping market but there will be zombies there. I peaked out my window and there will multiple zombies outside. I then came up with a plan to rush to the shopping market. I sneaked out the back door and jumped over the fence and used walls to prevent me being seen. The shopping market is very close to my house so it didnt take long at all to get there. I eventually got there and took as much as I could. There was no one there, it was like a ghost town. I got out of there as fast I could and went back home.