Luckily for us we not only have numbers but all of our drinks are spiked with some sorta serum, I don’t know. They got some German Scientist to create a serum that enhances our strength and speed by around 3000%, anyways there are three prongs in our plan or attack, the two garrisons will split up and attack from the Nangor Road and Tower Road while a smaller group flank the area from behind and from the sides. “Alright lads, let’s move it.” We all moved out of the bar and down Tower Road and we stopped right at the small walls separating the base from the outside world.

One of my fellow men kicked a hole straight through the wall and he was almost instantly lit up like a Christmas tree, his lifeless body collapsing backwards as we all scrambled for cover. They were ready. “Shit! Those guns will tear us apart!” “Remember your training up and over with the plasma grenades and move into cover!!” I had yelled instantly, everyone chucked a grenade at the same times and rushed into the base, the explosions did manage to hit an enemy depot that decimated the gunners and any surrounding men, I had noticed there was a gunner giving the other garrisons trouble so I ripped a stop sign out of the ground and chucked its top plate at the gunner as hard as I could.

The homemade disk sped straight through the gunner’s head nearly decapitating him, “Well that worked.” I said to myself. The authority started walking back into the building so we pushed forward until they started to rain fire onto us. The attack was devastating, as most men couldn’t get out of the way in time. Eventually I was the only one left and I was furious picking up one of the soldiers rifles. I whipped around and popped all of the men that stood before me, I slowly made my way into the building shooting any armed guards I saw until I came to the chancellor’s office, she had come here to change the new defence programme so now she will pay.

I kicked down the door to find the office empty, unusual, I thought to myself, usually she’s an office pig, looking around I could see that a cube was broken open and I could feel a sharp pain run up the length of my arm and bits of light flying across the room and sparking on the wall. I yelled out in pain and wheeled around to see the chancellor standing in the doorway with her M2176 shotgun, it was state of the art and it was leaking smoke from the barrel.

She slowly pumped the shotgun while she walked over and aimed it at my forehead, using all my might I kicked the gun backwards and stood up, using my hand I grabbed a scissors from her desk and jammed it into her leg, as she fell I managed to grip the handle of my spare pistol and I out it to her head, my hand trembling as I put my finger on the trigger, I was hesitant to kill her, even after all she had done and how she personally executed millions of innocent men I couldn’t do it, I chucked the gun away and picked her up, keeping her hand behind her back. The last group finally and I handed her over to the commander, my arm still bleeding was patched up and everyone was patting my back and saying good work and shit like that I wasn’t really listening I just wanted to rest. As soon as I got the chance I conked out in the med-bay and that was the last I remember that day.