My last memory was back in the rusty old wooden house we called home, every morning the light would shine through the foggy windows and wake me up, my feet hitting off the hard wooden floor boards as I got out of bed, going down the stairs to see empty cans of every type of alcohol possible, to get a glimpse of my father slowly waking up, by my brother lightly tapping his head with a stick and seeing his eyes flutter open. It made my legs tremble.

It’s been a week since that memory. I made so many regrets in that house but it’s all behind me, now I’ve more things to worry about.

A virus spread around the world. People started to get temperatures, at the start, then blood started running from their eyes and mouth and after 24 hours they all went crazy, well, that’s what I heard, from pieces of newspapers blowing around in the wind.

I didn’t know where I was going , the air felt cold and dead, my head was aching and my stomach was rumbling, I felt a light tug at my sleeve.

“Sophie, where are we?”

I looked down to my brother tearing up. Poor Sammy I thought to myself , only 5 years old and he has to see nothing but darkness and evil.

“What’s that noise?” Sammy whispered, his voice shaking, screams were let out through the windows as we walked through Tallaght, Sammy’s hand was gripping mine.

Then suddenly the glass at the top of the apartment smashed, five people thrown to the ground but they weren’t dead, in fact they were smiling, slowly rising and laughing. I threw Sammy on my back and ran. In seconds they’ll catch up to us. I needed a plan. I’ve ran so much in my life when my father would try to chase me when he got mad. I knew every way to escape but my mind was blank.

Then I saw a window slightly open in the Square, the laughing creatures saw us now. It was my only plan, I threw my brother up into the half open window and smashed the glass. I crawled in, one of the creatures grabbed my leg. I kicked until it let me go, I slammed the door, me and Sammy panting, sweating in fear. Now in the middle of the Square Tallaght.


I look up my eyes stinging from the lights, a dark figure lifts me up, puts a torch to my eyes then my brothers, then pushed us to the side. How did you both get in here?”

His voice was mixed with fear and anger.

“The window, I smashed it with a rock so we could get in” I tried to stay as calm as possible but my voice was still shaking. The man started holding his head and mumbling to himself, some traits of him reminded me of my father when I dropped something on the ground or forgot to do one of my chores.

The man pushed us into this dark room, the stinging lights turned on and all I could see were around 20 kids looking up at us, in blankets.

“The little one can stay here” the man pushed Sammy to the other kids.

“What is this?” I asked

“A nursery”

He was blunt.

“I want to stay with Lizzie”

“No Sam stay here, get some rest”

I kissed him and held him tight then left the room with an empty feeling in my stomach.

I was brought into a room full of people with weapons and ammo.

“We’re tired of hiding” they chanted. On the wall there were pictures of the creatures drawn, fear ran through my body.

“What are they doing?” I mumbled to myself. I think the man heard me, his serious face lifted a small bit. His voice got softer.

“Don’t worry Lizzie, there’s ways to kill them”

“How?” I asked,“people have tried everything.”

He pointed to the wooden stakes on the wall.

“They can’t touch wood” he whispered. My head was racing. If we just stayed at home we would have been safe… too late to think that now though, I was angry at myself. The man handed me a gun full with wooden bullets.

“We’re opening the door, get ready”

As he spoke the door started to open slowly the bright light shines across the whole room, my breath becoming shorter and shorter.

“You ready?” he asked

“I’m ready”.