I made sure nobody saw me enter. ‘Did you hear about the rumours?’ ‘No.’ Replied Mark. ‘Well, apparently, there’s a secret meeting place beneath Moyle Park. ‘Under our school?’ He replied in disbelief. ‘Wanna check it out?’ I asked. ‘Sure.’ We entered the grounds of Moyle Park after sunset. It was quiet. Eerily quiet ‘Hey.’ Mark whispered. ‘Where is this super-secret base? I heard that they gathered in- ‘ Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching us. We immediately dove behind some bushes that were nearby. We saw a man slowly tiptoe past us trying to be stealthier but failing miserably.

We made a decision to follow him, He entered the school through the main entrance and then immediately made his way to the study hall. I could see it on Mark’s face that he was hesitant to follow him into the room but I put my hand on his shoulder and assured him that it would be okay. I quietly opened the door and peaked my head in to see if there was anyone inside. But there wasn’t Even the man had disappeared. But how? The only exit to the room is the one we entered through/ ‘A secret room?’ Mark said, unsure of himself. I looked at him in disbelief as I was sure those things only existed in movies.

Upon further inspection of the room, I found that some of the tiles in the upper-right corner of the room had been moved. After moving them, we found a ladder and crawled down. When we reached the bottom we found another door. Behind we could hear loud shouting. ‘We need to do it now!’ One of the voices shouted. ‘It’s too soon. We need to wait a few more days.’ Another one said. The first voice familiar. We opened the door to see who it is. Surprise, it’s my mother. Around thirty people in the room. One seen me. Knowing I’d take too long to climb the ladder I enter the room and ask what happen. Mother says we’re going to blow up the Mill.