I’ve been working hard to get this far, after those creatures started appearing in small towns at nights my sleeping pattern has changed drastically. Like an owl I’ve become nocturnal and I watch what happens in the larger towns. I’m making sure those monsters don’t come near.

I wake up at 10pm, middle of winter so it’s absolutely freezing. My first priority is to get moving to try to warm up. I plan to walk in the direction of the HellFire as I know there’s an abandoned Lidl nearby. I start packing up with my small purple galaxy-coloured school bag. I put batteries, my phone, a few knives and a bit of bread I made in to it. Picking up my flashlight, one of my homemade guns and a map just in case I get lost, I set off into the night.

As soon as I get on course I’m greeted by a Rogue monster stumbling towards me. These humanoid creatures have their bodies rotting and tattered clothes. These are zombies but they were not caused from a virus. After the nuclear apocalypse happened down in Europe the radioactive waves caused the dead to rise.

The monsters often travelled in packs of three or more but it wasn’t completely uncommon to come across one on their own. I checked my gun only to realise that I forgot to pack ammo. Just my luck, with no time to grab a knife out of my bag. I ran at the zombie and stuck the barrel of the gun through its head then pulling it back out I continued on to the Lidl, trying to clean my gun of all the goo and decaying skin and grabbing a knife out of my bag. I made it to the Lidl and crawled through one of the broken windows, slicing the palm of my right hand.

Pain shot up my arm and I loudly shouted many profanities out of discomfort. I heard shuffling from within the store, grabbing the knife with my left hand. I knew this wouldn’t end too well while fighting with my weaker arm but I carry on, quietly tiptoeing across the store. My heart was racing and suddenly, I heard a whisper – “I think they’re gone” and a loud sigh of relief from what seemed to be a group of people. I tried to get a glance at them but then the group erupted into angry chatter and at the heart of it a crying girl who had to be about seven.

They were trying to take her with them was what I had gathered, she was trying to fight back but was unsuccessful. Luckily the group seems to be just talking to her to get her to come with, one of them seems to be getting more and more irritated by the second. He snapped and grabbed the child, shouting at her to shut up with her crying and starts to try to drag her.

Despite my better judgement I jumped out from behind the shelves, holding the gun up and aiming it at them, startled, the boy let go of the girl and all three of them backed away. The boy who grabbed the girl had dark hair while the other two had light hair. I motioned for the girl to go behind me and warily, she scrambled to her feet and ran behind me. I told them all to leave and the two light-haired ones immediately ran away but the one with dark hair spoke up,

“Why didn’t you shoot?”

I didn’t think they would care enough to ask so I stuttered out the first thing that came to mind, “I’m civil,” but he was very quick to respond “yeah, but not even a warning shot?” I aimed the gun at his head, he continued to talk, he even took a step forward which made me take a step back

“Shoot me then”

I can’t, I know I don’t have ammo. I still had my knife in my left and so if he tried anything I’d have some sort of weapon. Suddenly he lunged forward and grabbed the gun out of my hand. I stabbed him in the shoulder before he grabbed my bag by the handle on top and ripped it off my back. He pushed me down to the ground and ran off with my bag. So how about a run-down of what happened? I left the house ready to get a few materials and now I’m lying on the ground in the middle of the night with all my materials stolen and a crying, scared seven-year-old-looking girl that I don’t know anything about. I may have lost a few materials but I’m glad I can still escape this mess with my morals intact.