I was in hospital, it was absolutely freezing. Everyone had accepted the fact the snow wasn’t stopping. I’m lucky to still be alive. I thought it was just time to give up. I had been there with my nanny and all the sick elderly for at least four weeks.

All of a sudden, portals started to open everywhere around the hospital and horrible looking creatures started crawling out. Some had three heads, others had real beady eyes and twenty arms. I had to act fast. I couldn’t let all those people die. I remembered there was a secret escape route under the hospital so I rushed all of the old men and women down there.

It lead to the Grange Castle. I thought we would get away when out of the corner of my eye, I saw them creeping fast behind us. I got this weird feeling in my head, I started hearing things, as if there were other peoples thoughts in my head. I only heard them when I thought about losing my nanny to the creatures. Could I read peoples minds?

I was shocked but I didn’t stop to question it. I used it to my advantage. I could read their minds and lure them away. I could hear what sounded like normal people seeking for help. It didn’t sound like monsters at all. I listened to what they said. They told me to let go of something I love to break the curse. I was so confused.

They started catching up but we were close to the castle. We made it there but the creatures were right behind us. We were all about to go in when my nanny fell. If I went back for her, they would catch up and kill us all. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to let her go. She would have wanted to go, knowing she saved everyone.

We were in the castle hoping the creatures didn’t get through the door when the banging just stopped. All the portals outside started to close up. Then, I remembered what I heard in my head. ‘I had to let go of something I love to break the curse’. My nanny died saving everyone.