The rebels have finished their very last day of preparation. Tomorrow, it was time. They wanted their own lives and land back. They had been preparing for over 4 months. Will, who was the leader of the group was on his way down from the Dublin Mountains where they had been staying and training. He was on his way to Saggart just to pick up a few last supplies.

The journey to Saggart brought Will past Brittas, where they were attacking. On the side wall of the compound they had the recently executed bodies hung as usual. Will slammed on the brakes of his car. He glared at one of the bodies. He could have sworn it was his younger sister who was kidnapped a few weeks prior. Thankfully  it wasn’t his sister. He put his head down as a tear fell down his cheek. He drove on.

Bang. Will’s ears were ringing and he could barely see. All he could hear was gunshots and shouting. Just as they were gaining ground towards the main gate of the compound one of the rebels stood on a landmine about ten metres away from Will. It obliterated seven people. Will didn’t hesitate. He sprinted towards the opening and picked up a weapon. They were inside the compound. They started ploughing through the Authority. Will saw an open door about fifty metres to his left. He ran to it. It brought him up a stairs into a corridor. At the end he saw a guard. Not just any guard, a big one.

He had a body covered in tattoos and towered over Will by a foot. He looked at Will and cracked his knuckles. Will smiled and fired one shot which went straight through his eye, splitting his head in two. He ran down the corridor and into a huge hall like a prison block. He ran down by a row of cells, each with a family in it. He stopped and turned to his left. He couldn’t believe it. It was his sister. The Rebels ran into the hall. They opened every cell. The Rebellion was a success and Will was reunited with his sister.