The squelch of my rubber boots made an eerie sound that echoed through the concrete sewer pipe. I was accompanied with a fellow ex-Authority member, Buck. we were assigned to a recon mission of the main headquarters of The Authority in Rathcoole.

We had entered the sewer a mile back and after a mucky, faeces-filled walk we arrived at the mouth of a manhole cover which lead through the walls and into the storage unit of The Authority. I looked at Buck with a nod as if it ask his readiness. He gave me a charming wink and slowly tried to lift the cold, rusty manhole cover. It didn’t budge. We thought it must have been covered by a table, or cupboard. We tried again but this time together. 3 – 2 – 1… the cover shifted and a stench that overpowered even the sewer emerged and bombarded our nostrils.

** four years earlier**

I had hugged, kissed and apologised to my wife and two beautiful sons all night before escaping the compound with my new friend Buck and two other soon-to-be ex Authority soldiers. I promised my family to return to them once again to live a happy life.

We were fleeing the compound and our lives as brutal Authority soldiers to develop a rebellion force to rise up against The Authority. We were rebelling as we’ve seen the heartache and destruction we were causing civilians and their families while executing our duties. We settled in a base camp near the Dublin mountains and began growing and plotting our rebellion.

**present time**

After we dismissed the horrid scent I slowly peeked my head up out of the dark hole and into the hangar to identify the aroma. My heart felt like it stopped. Tears flooded my eyes but I didn’t move of flinch a muscle. Buck ask me from below a question. I couldn’t hear anything but a muffled buzzing. The revolting smell was coming from a mountain of dead bodies, but the random dead bodies wasn’t what made me react like this. It was the sight of my beautiful boys and my wonderful wife lying lifeless on the cold damp concrete floor and each ripping a slit across their frail necks. My hurt suddenly turned to complete anger. Revenge will be sought on The Authority for their unjust deaths!