Jamie Diez Daly


I’m operating on a young man – the alarm bell is sounding. There’s only one reason why this could be. I cannot believe this is happening. The nurse bursts into the operating theatre and screams “the rebels are attacking the ground floor!” My team and I sew up the man in record speed and we wheel him out into the corridor.

As I open the door, the sound of gunshots becomes deafening. We seal the door to our ward and I send an emergency transmission to The Authority. We are told not to communicate with either side, but at this moment, they are our only hope. Maria, my assistant, helps me to round up all the patients in the Intensive Care Unit, and we proceed into the next ward with extreme caution.

These are the only two units on this floor, and this ward houses the lift. There are no stairs to this floor because only high level staff are permitted. I take a quick glance at the security camera screen which shows the area around the lift downstairs. I see my colleague Richard with three child patients. If I open the lift doors to allow them up, it leaves us all very vulnerable.

Can I do this to my friend and these children? My heart is beating at a rate of knots, all the while the sounds of bombs exploding with each second. With great guilt I slam my fist down on the emergency lockdown button, forcing the children and the doctor to find another escape route. We gather everyone behind the nurses station, and I am racking my brain trying to think of a plan. My duty as a doctor is to protect my patients, and they put their trust in me. I can’t let these helpless people die. Maria asks me if I hear that strange noise, like footsteps on the wall. Before I have time to answer, all of the windows smash inwards.

Men in all black burst into the ward, pointing their guns directly at us. I knew straight away that it was the Authority, because of their bright, red and dreaded emblem.  They shout at us to get on our feet, but some of my patients are unable to do so. “The Authority has no time for the weak” says one of their men. And with that, they kill everyone except for a few doctors, nurses and I. We are told that we now work for The Authority, and they slap one of those hideous emblems onto our arms. They attach us to their wires and before I even have time to realize what is happening, we are thrown out the window.

I think I fainted because the next thing I know, I’m standing in a room full of Authority members. They tell me that I am inside a compound underground where most of the civilians who support the compound live. They tell me that they know I work for the Rebels and if I do not answer their questions, I will face the consequences. I am so utterly confused. Rebels? I’ve never even seen a Rebel until today.  

I hear a man start counting, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I open my mouth to speak, but no words come out. I look down, and I see a gaping bullet hole in my chest. I fall to the ground with a crash, my last breath leaves my body as I lay, lifeless on the cold hard floor of the compound.