I am sitting on a bench in an empty park. Dead bodies lay scattered about, the crows pecking at their flesh. I sighed, picked up my weapon and rucksack and started walking again. It has been 28 days since the zombie apocalypse began. It all happened at a factory when a rare virus was exposed to the workers and turned them into zombies.


I managed to escape from my apartment, where I witnessed zombies eating people and the just dead people coming back as zombies. As I walked along the pavement, I felt that survival was my only way to get out of here alive. Just then, I hear some groaning and duck behind a car. I waited a few moments before I take a quick look and saw a few zombies wandering around aimlessly, looking for some human flesh to eat.


I slumped down, took a deep breath and began to think. If I was going to get past those zombies I need a plan. I thought as the zombies came close. I have two strategies. One, I could sneak behind the cars and be as quiet as possible or, Two I could run out there and start killing them, but if I did that, I would get bitten and become a zombie myself. After moments of thinking, I finally decided to do strategy one.


Bracing myself, I sprinted as quickly to the next car and waited. At first some groaning from the zombies but no sound of running from them. Taking another look at them and another breath I sprinted fast to the other car and waited. I was almost there, but the zombies were starting to sniff me and began more groaning.


Starting to panic, I quickly looked around for something to climb or or shelter. Then I notice a boarded up house with no windows but bricks. Seeing  an opportunity to get inside, I quickly ran and the zombies spotted me and started to run after me. Looking back I saw them running like a hawk and I gave way.


I ran up to the door, checked to see if it wasn’t locked and shut the door behind me. I heard zombies pounding angrily on the door but I was safe for now.