War is happening. There are rebels and Authorities. People are being killed but not by either. Who is killing them? Well in that case, I say “me”. I am killing them. I am a bit of a loner up here but I am doing what the rebels need done. You could say I am a lone wolf. My strategy is to wipe some of The Authority so that less rebels are being killed. I hide up chimneys and when I see bad people coming I kill them. Well, how do you know they are bad, you might ask? I have a small devices that was made by the Institute of Technology Tallaght. I put it up to them and it tells me all their information – if you are bad, bang bang and you are gone.

It’s Tuesday. I know my device is faulty, but I decide to keep using it. But now I’m stuck in a dilemma. I’ve shot someone who I wasn’t supposed to shoot. Who is it? Well I don’t know. That’s the problem. There has been a glitch in my device and I have shot someone . I went to go to see who it was. The body was face down, I turned it over. I broke down in tears, I was shocked, I went white in the face, stood up and started walking backwards – it was my brother. He was coming to see me.

It is now Thursday. The rebels have found out that I have been killing people for them. I am so scared what are they going to be like are they going to be angry? They come up to me they are actually glad that I have been doing it. They thank me then leave, but I am not glad because I have killed my brother.

I feel so guilty I need to get out of the country, I say to myself. But I don’t know how, my friend Joe has a boat. I give him a call.

“Hello” I said,

“Oh, heya, long time, no talk!” he says.

“I need a favour” I say.

“What’s the favour?”says Joe

“I need you to sail me to America”

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that… but I’ll be there Saturday!” said Joe.

I hang up and pack my stuff.