“God, will this actually work?”

It is 8:31 pm and Michael and I are putting a 720 r x 2 and a 847 two together to try and finish the zombies.

“Whose idea was it to come to I.T.T?”

“Mine” I said.

We put three different machines together and swapped plugs.

“The thing is though we need to test it” said Michael

“Well, it’s only us here so I don’t think we can” I said.

The zombies always hit at sunset so it is always hard to see their disgusting bodies coming in the distance.

I look at my watch. Two hours to go. For some reason both of us only thought about putting a machine together today.

For the time we have been here it’s only been us two. When we were having some soup we both heard the sound of a brake on a bike pulling up outside.

“Weird” Michael said.

“It’s time” I said.

Michael gave me the nod and we hid behind the machine. The minute we heard the door open we switched it on. The blasting went on for thirty seconds. The bright light would fill your sight if you looked straight at it.  After I looked at the ground and what we saw were black, skinny bones. “Sweet!” Michael and I said at the same time.

We heard the door open and the sound of the crackling from the zombies, and we turned the machine on.

After, every single one went away. Then all I could hear was Michael –

“We’re gonna be millionaires!”

“Michael, do you remember how to make it?” I said.

“Agggghh, no!” he replied.