I woke up wishing I hadn’t. The devastating and soul-shattering feeling that yesterday had given me was still there, consuming every other thought that flowed through my brain. Soon enough, all I could think about is how wrong everything is. I questioned how I had put up with this for so long. How did I not realise what was going on? I look around my dark dusty room and I remember everything that happened the day prior.

I immediately knew something was off. Nothing bad had happened yet, I just had an instinct. I walked over to my bedroom door and noticed something. There was a piece of paper shoved under the door.

I unfolded the note, becoming more and more nervous with every section I flipped over. After a minute, I could finally read it.


Ms Fitzpatrick,

I’m not sure of your knowledge on your brothers job working with us rebels, but i’m sure you knew that he was one of our most valued snipers.


I was aware of my brother’s position and I detested it. You see, the rest of our family was killed when the uprising began. Our mother had just given birth to a gorgeous little girl named Leah. our dad was one of the Rebel’s generals. Me and my brother were young, maybe around twelve. One day, we arrived home from apple picking, expecting our mother to be at the door greeting us, but she wasn’t. We immediately knew something was up. She was always there to make sure we were safe. We ran to the Rebel base to get our dad. It turns out mam and Leah were captured and held at ransom. When the Rebels failed to pay the ransom our mam and sister were killed. They then came to the hideout and murdered my dad. My brother immediately began training to take my dad’s place. We had a massive falling out over it and I haven’t spoken to him since. It’s been six years and I miss him like mad. Nevertheless, I read on,


It is with a heavy heart I tell you that your brother, Kyle, was murdered in an attack on our base. I know it’s very soon and you will need time to grieve, but it would be an honour to have you join our team and continue on your family’s legacy. You can come visit us at any time.


Lieutenant MacBride.


I walked over to my bed shakily and just broke down. I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I had lost everything now. But, I felt compelled to join the Rebels. I felt compelled to fight for them. I wanted to fight for Mam, Dad, Kyle and sweet Leah, so I set off for the Rebel base.