Each day myself and my family live with a fear that the zombies could invade us any moment, even though we are in the safest place possible.

Everything was fine until one morning my mother got a very bad cold. We had no pharmacies nearby for medication to help her get better. The best thing she could do is rest. She has been resting for two weeks now and each day the cold is getting worse. My father decided that it was time for him to head to the town to get a doctor.

At first myself and my Mam said no and we begged him not to go, but my Dad wasn’t thinking about anyone but getting my Mam’s sickness cured.

After lots of arguing, we came to the conclusion that my father should take my younger brother George with him so that he wasn’t alone. The next morning my father left with George. I hugged him and my brother, and said goodbye. My Mam was in bed so she couldn’t come down to say goodbye.

A few weeks passed and there was no sight of the two that left. At this point I lost all hope that they will return. My mother is so sick that she could die any moment. I am mentally prepared for when this moment arrives.

The following day I went up to check on my Mam…she wasn’t breathing. The moment I was preparing myself for had arrived. I buried my Mam on the farm, I packed all my stuff and left to the town. When I arrived in town, I took a moment to remember how it was before I left it and I compared it to how it is now. I don’t like it at all. But I didn’t come here to look at how the town was but hopefully to find my father and my brother – alive or dead!

I went over to the Square shopping centre in hope that I would find a few weapons and some food to get rid of my hunger.

When I arrived I found a few people there and amongst them was a girl who looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her as I didn’t want to be rude. I went over to the girl and started talking to her. She told me that she and the two other boys that came with her were part of a human group that are aiming to get rid of all the zombies and make Tallaght back to how it was before. I was very interested in the idea as I was getting sick and tired of living in this dark and depressing world.  I asked if I could join the group and she said yes, of course. From that day I helped the group to kill zombies.

Years passed and we finally were able to kill all the zombies. We lost a few people on the way but it was for the good of humans. Tallaght was starting to look how it was before. People were starting to emerge from their places of refuge and the town was starting to fill with humans.

I am very happy that myself and my group have achieved our goal of killing all zombies.

I was in the Square and suddenly an old man started walking towards me and he looked familiar. He came over and gave me a hug. He started saying my name whilst crying. I had tears of joy running down my cheeks when I came to find out that it was my father. I couldn’t recognise him as his hair was grey and he had got a lot skinnier. He told me that my brother George was eaten by the zombies. I am glad that I found my father and that I have someone to call my family.