I am Laura and when I heard the news of the Ice Age I was walking up to the Hellfire Club. The world is running off steam power and a terrible curse was poured over the earth. This curse was given by a powerful mage who believed humans were starting to take steam power for granted.


Instead of walking places, people got lazy and used the short supply of steam to travel by train.


Lucky for me I was farthest from the West as possible so at least I could try to use my abilities to prevent the worst. I am a friendly person and my worst fear is making someone sad or angry. Therefore the relationships I have are very strong.


On my journey to the Hellfire Club a large crater opened up a few metres from my feet. All of a sudden a huge fire-breathing dragon appeared and looked like he was not pleased. I am very talkative and very rarely scared so I decided to ask the dragon “What’s wrong?”. Instead of replying he grunted and before I knew it. He flew off. I am not the type of person who would get involved in things that do not concern me personally but I decided to do what’s best and try to help the situation.


Just then a string of feathers wrapped around my feet and I was pulled up into the air. I found out that the feather from the dragon’s tail had nearly fallen off. I had to crawl up to the dragons body and I used my power to make the dragon fall in love with me.


The dragon is now under my spell and due to the dragon breathing fire, it could melt the ice. Now I have a fearsome fire-breathing dragon on my side and the country worships me. Instead of killing the mages, I agree with them.


When people over-use steam it will be gone so now the dragon goes back to the underworld and brings his children along so the dragons can carry us through the air. Many people in the country have powers of healing so due to the dragons being wild they might attack when people are too spontaneous so these people are healed by the powers. We are using the dragons to our benefit and they provide us with protection. And we provide them with food, water and a job.

It is now ten years later and the country is as healthy as ever. We are not using any other form of transport apart from the dragons. People are out in the open air and everyone is bright eyed and awake. Public transport made everyone lazy and tired and eventually people understood and accepted that the threat of death and terror was a wake-up call we needed.