I twitch and all of a sudden jerk awake. Drenched in cold sweats my nightdress clings to me. The moonlight shining through my window illuminates the beads of sweat tracing my hairline. I groan and reach over to fumble for my clock. The dingy screen of my digital clock flashes back at me. It reads 1:59 I groan and flip my pillow over on to the cold side. I close my eyes and hope that my nightmare doesn’t appear again.

A feeling of unease creeps over me like spiders on a forest floor. Unnerved I slowly sit upright in my bed. I feel as though someone is watching me however I dismiss it. That is until the chanting starts.

Slowly at first I hear it in the distance and then it gets louder and louder. I look out at everything  shrouded in fog. I decide there is no point in trying to sleep when I feel this stressed. So I put the feeling of being unsafe down to stress and start to get ready to go on a walk. I stick my coat on and my wellies and put the lead on my dog, Kiwi.

As I near the path to the Hellfire Club I notice footprints or should I say paw prints. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Twice the size of Kiwi’s paws the prints are pressed into the frosted grass. Kiwi barks and I whirl around to give out to her. Before I can open my mouth I feel a warm breeze trickle down my neck from above. Goosebumps tingle all over me as I slowly turn my head and look up at the source of the breeze. Staring back at me is the most horrifying creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. Its knuckles scrape the ground by its sides. With thick brown matted fur and a tuft of hair protruding from its chin i look up, horrified. It has thick, black ringed horns covered in grooves and has three heads, all with identical grotesque features.

I shriek, and run for my life.

“No. No stop Ma’m, please, just listen. I’m not going to hurt you”

I ignored the beast’s words and ran as fast as I could. A large hairy hand lands on my shoulder and spins me around on the spot. I squirm and kick but the grip is too tight. I struggle until I tire, I feel as if I’ve run a marathon. The beast sits down and agrees to let me go if I listen to his story. I reluctantly agree but I can still feel my heart thumping in my chest.

“So, M’am, I have travelled far and wide and I need your help”

“W-w-why?” I stutter.

“Because you’re the only human with the kindness and selflessness we need. So we need you to travel home with me.”

I shake my head and my face becomes stern before I remember the sheer size of this monster and I remember this is not a choice. With that the portal opens below my feet and I feel my eyes roll back as I lose all consciousness.