We’ve been preparing for this for months now. I’ve aligned myself with an unlikely ally – my kidnappers. The Hellfire Club has been overcrowded for too long with escapees who have nowhere to go. The Authority are growing stronger. Since the success of “Project I”, we, The Resistance, have built an army but people are scared.


There has been so many injured people pass due to lack of help in the hospital, even with the help of the Invincibles. “I can feel it” I said to Nurse Keane, “The Authority are coming… soon, and we’ve got no time left!”


On the first of April 2018, The Authority will start preparation to attack the Hellfire Club, according to the visions of the clairvoyants. But we have to get there first. The Hospital is assembling their best “I” agents to attack and the rest are just an army with guns.


We set out for battle on the 31st March, a day before they began preparation. I had an ally at the Luas station in the Red Cow who said he could help us travel and get across the border. Grange Castle was where we were headed and an Authority agent in there his us in the facility. I had helped him in the hospital a few months previous. We would storm Liffey Valley military base the next day and the nerves could be felt, even amongst the Invincibles. Our last night’s peaceful sleep…




Suddenly there was panic all over the building. A traitor had given an anonymous tip to The Authority. There was no time. We had to fight back .The first soldier that came at me had no chance. I really was invincible. We had been doing well. Then I saw a soldier with a weird looking gun in his hand, filled with an odd chemical.


Stupidly, and arrogantly I stood and let the bullet hit me. Only it wasn’t a bullet. It was my kryptonite. I-radiation. The scientist who made me invincible had betrayed me. The Authority offered him a bigger prize than freedom. The radiation was making me feel weaker by the second. I could feel it. I only hope that the “I Agents” can learn from my mistakes. Arrogance will get you nowhere and no one is truly invincible…as I learned the hard way.