My name is Travis Duncan and I am the chief interrogator at border control. I torture people for the Authority and because of that they are fooled by me. They take it as a given that someone who hurts people for a living would have blind authority to them and they never suspect an ulterior motive.


The rebels usually get caught trying to sneak over the border and are then brought to me to be interrogated. It’s all part of the act. They get caught, they are brought to me, I pretend to torture them to keep up appearance and at night I sneak the rebels out of their cell and over the border. The other officers just brand me a hothead, believing that I got carried away and killed the prisoner, dumping his body at night in the incinerator room that we have.


Due to recent rumours and mutterings of state officials, I’ve been notifying every rebel I help of a possible military push by the authority to try and over take the underground resistance base in Saggart.


Sometimes the rebels hop over the border and never come back. The three people I told about the push haven’t come back yet.




“Travis” whispered someone.


I turned around and there was Johnny, one of the rebels. I snook over.


“Shhh” I said. “Come over here”.


He got over the border and I pulled him into the incinerator room.


“Ah, stop, I’ve a broken foot”


“Sorry, where are the others?”


“They didn’t want to come back. I know it’s bad, I tried to get them to come back but they wouldn’t budge, it’s how this happened”. He pointed to his foot.


“You fought with them?”




“Ok, ok, this is a problem”.




“The military attack is supposed to happen today, and the resistance still don’t know about it”

“Well shit, how can we tell them?”

“Well my plan was to wait till you came back and send you off, but now that your foot’s broken you won’t get there in time.”


“I can get the Luas”


“No, no Luas are working today.”




“Our only hope is if I can send a telecom off from the top tower”


“Well then do that”


“The problem is, you need high credentials to get in and its heavily guarded. One way I could do it is to set the alarm off and sneak in whilst everyone evacuates the complex.”


“Then let’s do that”


“No, you stay here.”


I got up and smashed the fire alarm button to my left. Rushing up the tower the guards who were descending asked me what I was doing, I said that I had left my diary up there. They laughed it off and let me pass. Reaching the top I kicked the door open.


“I knew one of you buggers was a traitor”


Sergeant Morris, who was in charge of the complex stood above me with fun in hand. “Tut tut. It was your plan to send a message to the resistance?I didn’t think you would be the traitor, and frankly I’m hurt. I’ll have to report this to the…” and he burst out laughing.


“Your face! Ha ha ha” he said.


My mind scrambled to try to explain what was happening.


“I’m with the resistance!” He exclaimed.


I let out a big breath of air.


“Oh, Yes yes yes!” I shouted.


“Come on, let’s do this then”


We sat down at the computer together and began to type.