As rumours swirl about a rebellion from a group named The Resistance, The Authority make a judgement call to wipe out the so-called capital of The Resistance Army. But The Resistance won’t go down without a fight and come up with a strategic plan to beat the Authority and finish them off for ever.


They do this by spreading their soldiers and men in all different areas of Dublin City while wearing plain clothes to protect their identity.


Once they clear out all the residents of Saggart up to Dublin’s Hell Fire Club they engage in their operation.


“Luas line are we ready?” My nerves were kicking in as I knew war was about to begin.


My job may well have been the most important of all jobs in this operation. Hack into the security system of The Authority’s base so the rest of the army could make their way into The Authority’s base while the majority of their army were attacking an empty Saggart.


The men spread closest to the River Camac would gather in a submarine and float until they reached the area where the Camac reaches the Grand Canal and then move into the base of The Authority, through me hacking their security gates.


The other men would do the same but by using the Luas Line.


“We are approaching the railway line, operation prison break, commence!”


“The submarine is just reaching the entrance of the Grand Canal, permission to commence”


This was my time, I hacked into their softwares, opened all Authority gates, shut down all of The Authority’s machinery and my brothers moved in.


With very few numbers in their base The Authority were run over quite easily, the rest of The Authority’s army were stranded in Saggart with no vehicles back to the base through my hacking powers. All gathered up in one area.


The Resistance killed off the rest of The Authority and brought peace and freedom back to their city.