I have moved to the Hellfire Club and it’s safe here because there are no zombies there.


I am here alone.


I went to Lidl and Apache Pizza to get food before I went there, sometimes on the way back I meet a girl. I share my food with her. I never stay with her for long because it isn’t safe after dark.


Tonight the zombies will come so I will have to hide away from them.


They wear ripped clothes with blood all over them. They’re also smelly.


I am safe because they won’t be able to walk fast in the Hellfire Club because it’s dark. Half of the zombies are blind.


I am protected. I have money and weapons with me. I hear them coming. I get my gun out.


I start shooting them before they reach the top of the club.


While I was shooting I saw the girl come out of the forest and stand beside me. She must have followed me. We started shooting together. Then 4 zombies came and ate her.


She died with her eyes open.


Then my friend from Casement Aerodrome comes to rescue me. We go to the Round Tower and sleep.