May could feel the cold floor beneath her. There was an intense pounding in her head, her vision blurred. She could almost make out people surrounding her, like dark, looming shadows.


Slowly she placed the palms of her hand to the floor and slowly pushed herself up off the floor. Her vision began to come back into focus and she could now see that she was in some kind of a lecture hall. It was not like any lecture hall May had ever been in.


The walls were made of dark worn stone, the floor cold and damp. No one in the hall spoke, but there was still a constant noise, a ticking, like that of a clock and a clunking that seemed to come from all around.


May wondered if everyone else could hear this or if these noises were in her head, it wouldn’t be the first time that this had happened. All her life there had been noises in her head, not individual voices, but like the voices of generations calling her, longing for her.


May cast her eyes around the room, packed with people, sitting on metal benches, mouths agape. May thought that the shock and confusion of their faces must mirror the shock and confusion that she felt.


The hall was packed, the air thick. Everyone in the college was excited to hear today’s speaker. It had been many years since one of the originals had agreed to speak in public. The originals now spent most of their time, hidden away together, there were less originals now than ever before. The originals had ruled over this world since the beginning, although they were now more like figure-heads than actual leaders.


Hundreds of years ago, portals began to open up o Earth, and people began to disappear into these portals. These people ended up on what they name Earth 2.0 (they clearly had a wry sense of humour.) These people were ordinary, everyday people on Earth, but once they came through the portals and ended up on 2.0 they had strange powers.


Some could see into the future, conduct water, air, electricity, heal or move objects, and many other “gifts” as they were known. For over ten years, more and more people came through these portals until one day they stopped. These “gifted” people who became known as the originals began to create a society, forming a system of government, education, healthcare and establishing a home on 2.0.


However, it was discovered as the generations went on peoples “gifts” became less and less powerful, some people were even born without any gifts. People began to grow old at a faster rate and die at a younger age.  


As some of the originals began to age and die after hundreds of years, they became less capable of keeping the “cold” away. The dreaded cold which threatened the very existence of this world. It is speculated that if more people began to once again fall through the portals they would be as powerful as the originals. For hundreds of years no one had fallen through these portals. That is, until …