The fireflies are our rival gang, well, more of a cult. They follow their leader “The Messiah”. They worship him as a god. They became our rivals when a gang member of ours who was coming back from a raid was captured. They have a sick version of court where they punish “sinners”. He was hung, then quartered, or cut in to four pieces. Then the body parts showed up over the space of four weeks. Coming on horseback and tied to the saddle.

The fireflies relentlessly took our resources. Food, clothes,and medical supplies. But I know there’s something up. There’s a rat. Someone in the gang is a rat.

When we went to raid their base we caught up to the “Messiah” trying to escape. We tied him up and tortured him to tell us who the rat is. He told us that it’s Lenny. I should have killed him months ago. He killed Sunny’s dog for barking too loud. Then I choked him dead and hung him up by the feet, making his followers know that he was beaten by a mere mortal. I walked out of the base and heard Amanda scream. She was surrounded by walkers.

Lenny and Sam just galloped off. I killed the walkers and told her to get Sammy and wait by the 11th lock on the canal. I went to base and everybody was packing up,  because walkers were closing in. I confronted Lenny and said to Sam,

“All these years, and for this rat.”

Sam and Lenny and the rest of the gang members had sided with each other but Josh stayed with me. We got on our horses because they had started to chase us and were shooting at us. We got away but our horses had reared up and we fell off. They galloped off and the fall had broke Josh’s arm. I could chance my luck, go back to base, get a new horse and supplies and run off myself, or I could help Josh get to his family. I had to help him so I killed any walkers on the way to the 11th lock and let him go on away with his family.

Then Lenny had caught up to me. I was weak and tired so I tried to climb the hill beside me but he caught up and we fought. I stabbed him in the stomach but he had stabbed me too. He said that he won, and said Josh had won. I stuck my knife into his neck and did it a few more times. He dropped dead. The wound was deep but I am happy I helped Josh escape.