The zombies hit tonight and the hospital and my people are safe but we can see and hear people in distress everywhere. So we decide to leave where we are to help them. Eight of us go North-east and eight go North-west. We set a rendezvous for tomorrow morning. We head off. We see people being killed left right and centre but we stay hidden.


We come across a family of four. The dad calls us in, asks us for help. We take him out with  us to help others. We see an alleyway that could bring us closer to more people in need but we get caught and zombies pour in the alleyway. We’re trapped. The kids from the family get helped up on the roof first then the rest of the family go up. They help us up but one of my people got caught down there so he distracted them for us to get away.


We can see lights and hear gunfire.  We think it’s on the bridge so we walk towards it and see people killing really people, like civilians. So I decided we would hide and ambush them when they got to the end of the bridge there was only five of them and eleven of us. We start shooting taking them by surprise. We killed them without hassle, took their gear and we were on our way.


We crossed the bridge but we got blinded by something. I could hear screaming and shouting. We got kicked down onto our knees and we were going to be executed. The person who got trapped by zombies somehow survived and came to our rescue he murdered all the people keeping us hostage and got us all up.


We decided to head back because the sun was coming up but on the way back a big huge stocky, fat zombie with chainsaws for hands dropped off of a roof in front of us. He had something tied to his waist it was a head of my old friend Cian. I immediately attacked him but he was too powerful for me. So we had a plan. Cut off his hands so he can’t use the chainsaw and take his head clean off. We got one arm off but we struggled for the second one until eventually someone came from behind and took his head off.


He fell to the ground slowly it turned out to be an old friend. We returned back to the rendezvous point and met back with our other group. They had lost three people but came back with more. We could finally go home to our settlement. We did it once more. We survived the zombie horde. We even made new allies.