After the Fall > The Experiments

Everything was destroyed by the great event. Food is scarce. The weather is extreme and unpredictable. Isolated pockets of civilization struggle to survive. Nobody moves outside their townland after dark. Something unknown and malevolent stalks the streets, preying on the weak and the vulnerable. Whole communities disappear overnight.

The Experiments

By: Katie

Killinarden Community School

We all want the same thing in this world a cure.  And I’m getting closer to creating one. The experiments still don’t know I haven’t made a full cure yet and they don’t dare to question me. The hospital’s fallen quiet now. For a few days and sadly I’m running out of resources. I might send some experiment out but I fear there will be no point. I need power. It’s the only way to complete the cure. There’s an Institute filled with technology not so far away, but do I trust my experiments to protect me all that way, if I die the cure dies with me. I have to make this trip.


He stands back from his desk and puts the log book back in the drawer he looks out of the glass walls separating him from his experiments. One turns to him, he can see the pain in his eyes the longing for an end of this suffering. Kein tries to hide his remorse and he tells himself. “It’s them or the human race”. Kein makes his way over to the door and pushes, with one slight push the door opens. He walks out and stands in the hall.


He can feel the breath of his experiments on him as they all surround him. “God” he says “I don’t know  how you sneak up on people, I could smell yous from a mile away” They all sincerely stare at him and grunt. “I know that’s your way of communication but I don’t speak brain dead”. He got no reaction, like always. “We move out in a few hours, get the rest and make sure they’re well rested”.


The experiments move on each one going a different direction. Kein walks back into this lab and leans on a metal door with a key code on it. “I’ll be back soon, my love, and I’ll have a cure” he says, looking through a hatch on the door.


2 hours pass.


After carefully packing every piece of equipment he leaves the room. Experiments fill the hospital from room to room and as he walks they all follow him and look like a horde trailing. Hopefully it’s enough to blend in. As they exit, the experiments circle around him making layers of protection as they begin to walk. The experiments are a lot faster than the other zombies so keepin up was the only issue Kein had at the start. Well they start walking towards the Institute, Kein isn’t afraid of the other zombies, he’s afraid of his own, when they sleep, when the human side sleeps, they lose control and become stronger than the normal zombies…