After the Fall > The End

Everything was destroyed by the great event. Food is scarce. The weather is extreme and unpredictable. Isolated pockets of civilization struggle to survive. Nobody moves outside their townland after dark. Something unknown and malevolent stalks the streets, preying on the weak and the vulnerable. Whole communities disappear overnight.

The End

By: Jack C

Killinarden Community School

The night comes quick, I am fighting for my life against the zombies as they swarm around the shopping centre, all of the shops are smashed up, some parts on fire, I’m with friends.


We’re sticking together to fight and wipe them all out.


The night will only get much worse. The place is going to be covered in zombies. In the next few hours. We are currently stranded with no way out and are killing every zombie in our way to even have hope of escaping.


Hours are gone by, we got out, but are being followed. There is only a short time before the chaos starts.


Every part of the country will be overwhelmed with them, we are all geared up with weapons and armour, fighting like there’s going to be no tomorrow.


Everyone is still together, trying to help each other and prepare before the place is swarmed.


The night ends, zombies everywhere, we are all blocked off.


We’re going to need help.