Two years after the fall. I was in the hospital curing the patients that were in need.


I got alerted that zombies were attacking us. I was so worried. I didn’t know what to do. I just grabbed a knife and ran out to fight.


When I got there I was shocked – the zombies at the front were my neighbours. I was afraid to kill them they were like family.


Then I remembered, we don’t need to fight – then I ran back got my bag, and sprinkled some transforming dust on them and they immediately turned back.


I had a limited amount of the transforming dust, given to me at the start of the fall.


We thought we were safe but then an army of zombies came. Thousands of stumbling bodies trudging over the roundabout and through the hospital gates. Followed by a huge zombie. The size of a giant. Too many too use the dust on.


Me and my neighbours fought for our lives. After we killed all of them, the biggest zombie came to attack us, we teamed up and killed it. A huge bunch of blood splattered all over us and we just laughed it out!