Jack and Keane began to walk up the stairs where they met the bodyguard, Reco. “Reco?” Said Keane. “Mhm.” Replied Reco. “We’re here to talk to the boss.” Said Jack. “I know.” Reco began to open the door. “May God have mercy on your souls.” Said Reco staring at the two lads. Jack and Keane were slightly worried over what Reco had said but just shrugged it off claiming everything was okay. They walked through another door until they say Sully. “General!” Yelled Jack and Keane stamping their legs down and sulking. “Lads calm down, please sit with me.” Said Sully. Jack and Keane began to sit down. Jacks found the room oddly cold and dark with one light above their head giving off an orange glow. “Right lads before we start do any of you want a drink? No? Alrighty then time for business.

In the last two weeks a lot of shit has happened. Britain just wiped New Zealand off the map and it has resulted with Australia getting radiation did causing the flames of the explosion to be carried over to Australia, Iraq, Russia and Japan are all now at war.” Said Scully. “What does that have to do with us, sir?” Replied Keane. “Well the Authorities want to join in and be allies with Britain and France. But here’s the problem this war is a nuclear war. And if Ireland goes to war, Ireland might be nuked, killing hundreds and hundreds of people. But we’re going to stop it. In the Authority HQ where the mill used to be the document saying Ireland will join the war is being stored in the safe at the far back.

The problem is we can’t get into the safe. So we want the two with a large group of men to rock down to the mill and bomb it to the ground, okay?” “Yes General.” Replied Jack and Keane. Two hours later the bomb arrive and they went to the mill. The large squad began to open fire on the Authorities. Some of the Aliens had acid blood so a few of the rebels had to be careful. The rebels began to make themselves inside shooting at everything. Jack then realised there were people inside. Innocent people. Collecting passports. “Keane! There’s innocent people in here!” Yelled Jack. “And? So what? We’re stopping millions from being killed. So what does it matter if a few die?” Replied Keane. “What do you mean what does it matter? They’re innocent people! The ends don’t justify the means!” Robots began to come out and slaughter the rebels. “God damnit! Kyle plant the bombs” Kyle planted the bombs and gave the switch to Keane.

Jack tackled Keane causing Keane to drop the switch. “You are not doing this Keane! These are innocent lives! Women. Children!” “I have a mission and I will completer that mission!” Yelled Keane. But as soon as Keane yelled that a bomb went off. The mill began to explode. The building toppled over. Jack began to make his way out, bleeding everywhere. When he got out an innocent bystander picked up his gun and pointed it at Jack. “Why did you try to stop it?” asked the woman. “Because evil is evil, greater medalling it all the same, I’ve chosen evil in the past and I’m going to assume you’re about to. I’m not judging you but if I have to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather choose none.” The woman chuckled and said. “You are all the same.” Then shot Jack in the head. Jack fell back lifelessly.